Changing Mind About Circumcision

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Lanaya - February 15

Hello. When my son was born I decided not to have him circ_mcised, I am now regretting it. He is now 17.5 months old, and I really wish that I would have for a couple of reasons. 1. My sister's bf isn't and I guess he really hurts during s_x. I don't want to imagine my son having s_x, but when it happens, I don't want it to be painful for him. 2. I was watching a news report and they said that they did a study and men who were circ_mcised had a lesser chance of contracting HIV/Aids because I guess the foreskin on men who aren't seem to absorb the disease. Now I'm really really wishing I would have circ_mcised him. Anyways, my question is this: Do any of you know a Dr in the Calgary, AB, Canada area who will circ_mcise a 17.5 month old?


Emily - February 15

I would call your hospital. I am thinking that at that age, they would want to put him under. I have girls so I am not famlier with the procedure even in babies, but I would think your local hospital or clinic o even your dr would be able to answer your questions.


jas - February 15

I agree with Emily... He isn't "too old" as that procedure can be done at any age... Just depends on who you have and how they want to go about it. Your hospital or even ped can give you your best answers


Momof5 - February 15

My son will be getiing circ_mcised March 9, when he is 9 months old.. He was not done as a baby because he was in the NICU and when they are not done right away they make you wait until they are older. They are put under for the surgery and I guess it is really painful.. My son also has to have a minor issue fixed when he gets circ_mcised. A pediactric urologist can do the surgery... Good luck with what ever you choose..


18wbabynov - February 15

well, this might be tmi, but the father of my child is not circ_msized, and im not trying to change your mind, but just to give you a different point of view. nothing ever hurts him (s_x wise) and he says he is happier to be "complete" and says there is a reason for that part of his body to be there! if we had a boy (we have a dd) he would not be circ_msized. i have heard that it is a very painful process, and maybe you dont need to go through with that?


Bonnie - February 15

I have to agree with the bove poster. It's your decision t make of course, but I would research up on it a bit more. If your sister's BF has pain during s_x, it's not because he is not circ_mcised. The majority of males in the world are uncut and have s_x just fine. I would call your pediatrician and discuss the benefits verses negatives of having it done.


Amandanbaby - February 15

I also dh is not and he never has pains during s_x. So we didn't get our sons done, either. As long as you keep it clean and push the skin back when the doctor tells you to start, there shouldn't be a problem. I believe that God didn't put that extra skin there only to be cut off when the babies are born. This is your decision but I agree with the other posts that you should talk to your doctor and see what they say. But, there was a reason you decided not to in the first place, right?


Bonnie - February 15

Aack, sorry but I had to comment on the last way. Please don;t take it wrong, lol. I find that a lot of US doctors are not so up to date. DON'T push the skin back. It naturally retracts in it's own between the age of 3 and 5 and at that point they are old enough to clean it themselves with a bit of intruction. Just make sure you don;t have one of those docs that tell you to do it any sooner. :D


Lanaya - February 15

Hey thanks for all of your responses. Ummm, maybe TMI but my sister said that the reason why her bf hurts is cause the skin doesn't retract properly and I guess he actually ripped right open. (YUCK) Anyways, it got me really worried. I decided in the first place not to get him circ_mcised because I could not talk myself into taking my son in to get hurt. It's just that now that I'm finding all this out now, I wish that I would have. I was told that I should be pulling the skin back whe I'm cleaning his bum at every diaper change. They told me just enough to make sure that there isn't anything in there that could cause an infection. I'm still not sure I could take my son in for that, but it just worries me of what my sister told me, and of that news report.


Rabbits07 - February 15

I would definitely do as some of the others suggested and do some more thorough research on the things that are causing you worry. Of course it's your choice, but you want to make sure that you make a decision based on true facts and not hype or myth.


dee23 - February 16

ok, one: the s_x issue is covered, he wont have a problem, ans 2: the std thing wont be a drama if he has s_x safely, and regardless, it wont stop him from contracting an my opinion, this is TOTALLY BARBARICK...i would seriously consider what your thinking about b4 ur doing...dont go intop it without reseach, because if ur son doesnt like it when he is older, u will have to explain to him why u got it done. and if u do get it done, i will be crying for ur son, there is no reason to cause this pain, poor boy.....i dont thinjk i would like my labia snipped would hurt for a long time, wouldnt it? poor boy.


flower.momma - February 16

I have actually read reports that conflict with your information that intact men are more at risk for AIDS. Also, if s_x is hurting your sister's bf, there is something wrong with him that he should get checked out! It has nothing to do with his foreskin, and there have actually been studies done showing that there are tons of nerve endings in the foreskin that increase pleasure during s_x. I personally did not circ_msise my son, and have nothing against those who do. But all of the latest research suggests that it is a medically uneccesary procedure. I would think that your son is too old for the procedure, which is painful. Also, yes, do NOT push the foreskin back until it does it on it's own. Doing so can cause scarring, infection and permanent damage (maybe that is what is wrong w/ sis' bf). Check out this website for tips aboout caring for his p___s Pretty much just wash it like you would any other part of his body. It requires no extra care. Once it is fully retractable (usually occurs around age 3 or 4, but can happen as late as early teens) just teach your son to pull the foreskin back and soap up. The news report was totally false. In fact, I have read that men who are intact have lower rates of AIDS because the foreskin prevents dry, abrasive s_x that can cause tearing and lesions, which can lead to increased bodily fluid exchange. Don't cut off a piece of your son's body because some idiot reporter didn't do his/her homework.


Lisastar9 - February 16

I can put a call my urologist tomorrow and ask I need to call them anyway. I don't live in Calgary but he still is my dr.


Bonnie - February 16

Double name? :P...............Please research this for yourself. I gre up around circ_mcised men and until I married an uncut guy, I never thought about it. DH left the decision up to me with our son so I researched very hard about it. Check out the articles on American Academy of Pediatrics. They are pretty neutral and can give you good info. As for your doctor telling you to pull the skin, no, no, NO. What the hell is wrong with some of these doctors over here?? Ugh...that was why I mentioned. Yet again, it's a very easy thing for you to research on yourself. Pulling the foreskin back on a baby is extremely painful and can cause damage. All you need to do is to just do a general wipeover when you change a diaper and give baths. Same as any other p___s. :) Anyway, good luck in whatever you decide to do. Just whatever you decide, get yourself truely informed with the facts and not just what other people say. That way you will feel comfortable in your decision.


rl- - February 16

ok I understand that some are against having this done and that is fine your son your choice but why state how "barbaric" you think it is and stuff along those lines I find that is a hurtful thing to say I have 3 sons and they are all done and they did not suffer and I am not some horrible mom that wanted to inflict pain and suffering on my boys I just for my own reasons wanted to have them done and they did not suffer and they don't even remember it as I had them done at birth and it was really no big deal so please lets not put others down for their choices I am not putting others down for NOT having it done so don't put me down for doing it....thanks!!


aurorabunny - February 16

I can see how somemight might say "barberic", even though that was a poor choice of words. RL---My son is 7 months old and I had him circed at birth just like you. I'm happy with my decision....but my ex-step son, was also "circ_msized" at birth, at a c___ppy military hospital, and they messed something up. He had to go back in and get it fixed at about 16 months old and he was in a lot of pain for quite sometime. There in lies the difference to me between getting it done at birth and getting it done at an older age. Of course this topic can just get ridiculous sometimes---I have a friend who said she's going to wait until her boys are teenagers and let them decide if they want it done, LOL. "Yeah hi I'm 17, can you go ahead and cut that stuff off?" Either decision is a just fine decision IMO and I think I'm just trying to diffuse this before it turns into a full on circ vs. uncirc debate because I'm sick of reading them!


sahmof3 - February 16

Yeah. Barbaric... definitely poor word choice. I doubt my sons will really care that they are circ'd when they are older as it is not that uncommon here in the US. Also, they both slept right throught the procedure. Not all do, but mine did (they were done with a topical anesthetic). As far as cutting of the labia.. uh that's comparing apples to oranges. A better comparison would be the c___toris or the sheath of it... even that doesn't really hold up because when that is done in other countries it is done to completely take away potential s_xual pleasure from the female and to suppress her. Obviously boys in the US are not done for that reason, and they can still get plenty of pleasure (trust me lol). So, yeah, poor comparison.



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