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Amy_mommy - May 15

hi,! does anyone know where i can buy cheap Pampers Stage 1 diapers? my little one uses so much per day that it gets expensive. thanks so much!


pbj - May 15

I don't know if you can really find cheap pampers. I usually buy mine at Sam's though, so it can be cheaper buying bulk. When I can't afford to buy pampers, I'll use a cheaper diaper during the day when I can change my LO more often then use pampers at night.


Rabbits07 - May 15

Log on to Pampers website and register and they will send you coupons in the mail quite often. When I was using disposables I would either buy at Food City when they were on sale w/ the Value Card..sometimes they are on sale for $8.99 (jumbo size 50-56 diapers) and with the coupons Pampers sends (anywhere from $1-$2 off) they could be as cheap as $6.99 a bag. Plus, at Food City any time you buy Pampers at the checkout it will print out another Pampers coupon. Also K-Mart has the boxes of 100 diapers on sale sometimes for $17.99 (cheaper with coupons). I've never shopped at Sam's so I don't know their prices. Also, I live in Southwest Virginia so diaper prices may be different in your area...but I would definitely register for the coupons on Pampers website.


CarolA - May 16

TARGET DAIPERS WORK GREAT!! we love our pampers, but some weeks money is a little tight, and we go with the target brand, they are just as good.


Marlene - May 16

I love pampers brand but sometimes can't afford it. Try walmart White Cloud they work great!!


JEN - May 16

We buy the pampers swaddlers from Sams and they are 29.00 for 204 diapers, but I think they only come in size 1-2 (it's an in-between size). My ds has outgrown them so we are using pampers cruisers- also very expensive. We have tried the walmart brand and the target brand, but for some reason the stuff they use to absorb the pee gives him a rash- go figure! I also use Huggies when I get good coupons in the mail- they are OK too. I recomend registering at all of the sites also- pampers has a great reward program!


Camilla - May 16

I've been buying the diapers from ToysRus for our newborn. They are around $5.00 for the first size, compared to $10.00 for Pampers! They are a bit smaller than the Pampers which is fine for our baby. Otherwise you can just go a size up. I don't think they are that great in the really big sizes, but the small sizes are fine. Even the expensive Pampers leak sometimes, so I've never found the perfect one. But if I can't find perfect, then there's no point in spending tons of money on them.


MJM - May 17

I always used the swaddlers with my son until he grew out of the stage 2. He now uses parents choice at walmart. Very soft diaper and they stretch alot. Go to and register and have friends register for you. They will send you coupons. That always helps.


nic nac - May 18

"especially for baby" diapers work well too. I am using them now and pampers.


Putt-Putt - June 1

I buy all my diapers from Their prices seem to be pretty good. But what makes them the best is that their delivery is always very fast. And they have a referral program so that you can keep saving even more money on diapers. Use this code right now to get $2 off your first order: JATS1545 You also get a free 1-year subscription to Parenting magazine (if your order is over $15) and free shipping (if your order is over $50). After you order, you will also get y our own coupon code to share and earn credits toward even more discounts on diapers and more! Remember to use Coupon Code: JATS1545


NICOLE - June 2

i love target diapers. they are great. size 1 you get 110 of them for $10.00. i won't buy anything else


NICOLE - June 2

i hate parents choice diapers, they leak all the time for my lo


Wellis10 - June 2

I use luvs, you can get them at BJ's for 25.00 for 164 count. LOVE Them.


JATS1545 - June 2

Check out on those Luvs diapers. They are $30 each for the extra large case (208 count, Size 1). No sales tax, order two boxes for free shipping. Free 1-year Parenting magazing subscription. And, of course, get $2 off your first order with this code: JATS1545



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