Cheap Disney Costumes

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aliciavr6 - October 11

Wasnt even going to get a costume for my 4 month old but Disney had such great deals (I got an eeyore costume for $9 shipped!)... GO TO: ------- click on the ad for "halloween boootique".... then costumes for infants. Find one, then enter this promotional code for 15% off (expires tomorrow night): 3799 ............. they had free shipping also yesterday but that code has already expired, but still a good deal! There's tons of cute costumes.


JerseyGirl - October 11

Great deal! Ugh, I'm so mad that I spent $26 on a tootsie roll costume for my DS. I didn't even think to look on eBay or anything until after... when I saw that the store I bought it from only allows exchanges - even before Halloween. What a racket, but I guess they like customers like me!


ImpatientMommy - October 11

Those are so cute! I wanna see pictures of Avelyn wearing it!!! I already put Josephine a monkey costume at Babie R' Us though.


c_baer19 - October 11

I went to that site too, and I had a code for free shipping on halloween costumes there plus 15% off.. wonder if they've expired!


socalmom - October 11

They have some great deals, I found a wand,shoes and crown for my dd princess costume, I think I will order today! I was hoping to find an infant "seven dwarf" costume for my ds (7wks old) I thought it would be cute because my dd (31/2 yrs old) is going to be snow white, but I didn't find any!!! I guess he will just be a pumpkin like we already picked out! Thanks for the info!!!


aliciavr6 - October 11

i LOVED the snow white outfit!!! that was my favorite but not in my dd's size. c_baer, the free shipping one expired, but the 15% off one is still good til tomorrow !!! do you frequent like I do? haha


TiffanyRae - October 11

Wow! I stocked up! I bought Nemo, sabatian, Roo, and honey pot! lol all in different sizes. Arg. I officially have a problem! But they are So cute and such a great deal! Hopefully he will fit into them in the next two years! :) Thanks for the GREAT info. I am going to pa__s it along to my sister and girlfriends today!


aliciavr6 - October 11

Wow good thinking, loved the honey pot one too ha. Plus I bet you could get as much or more than you paid for them on ebay once your lo grows out of them


c_baer19 - October 11

Darn, the free shipping would've made it only about $10 for some of them! I really liked the honey pot one too, haha. And no, but I'll have to check out that site.. I just discovered and found the info on there!



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