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desiree - October 4

When is it safe for baby to have cheerios? My son is almost 7 months with 2 teeth..but I'm terrified of him choking. Just dry milk


Jamie - October 5

I'd ask your doctor


i think - October 5

i think cheerios are best for babies after one year just to be safe.


Amy - October 5

I STARTed giving all my children cheerios around the time that they got their front teeth, around 6-9 months. They melt pretty easily in their mouth. If you notice that your baby is having problems then just stop giving them the cheerios. But I think you'll be ok.


monica - October 5

boy your are probably going to think I am a horrible but mom but with my first son I have pictures of him on his first birthday eating enchiladas.


N - October 5

It depends on your baby. Some babies are ready at 6 months, some not until a year. I would wait until they have a few teeth atleast, and they can pick them up and put them in their own mouth without help. If they have trouble chewing or swollowing, wait a few more weeks. Cheerios are a good starter for finger foods, they get mushy quick, and they have a hole in the middle so it won't block all air should your baby accidently inhale a hard one. Every mom and dad should learn the 'finger sweep' and what to do about choking as early as possible.. if you know that, you and baby will be fine.


karine - October 5

LOL...i think every baby is very different, and you should try to find out, and if you have a gut feeling that he isnt ready, then wait a little. i know by 7-9months i was even giving my daughter and son a 1/4slice of toasted bread with a tid bit of b___ter on it, it releived their teeth ache to suck on it. And cherios, they had at about 6-7months. Follow your feelings


Steph - October 5

LOL Monica!!! I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all!! I have pictures of my daughter at about 10-11 months old sitting in her highchair in only a diaper (these are before/during/and after shots) eating spaghetti....a nice cute clean one, then a bit of a messy face, then are really messy face with noodles stuck all over her, and then for the finale, she did put the bowl on her head and covered herself with the was her first spaghetti experience and I though it was too funny that she was as messy as she was...and she was smiling and happy the whole time. I am not too sure on how much food she actually ate...but she sure had fun!!


Dee - October 5

Why would anyone give their baby a choking hazzard?


To Dee - October 5

Are you saying that cheerios are a choking hazard? Because they are not. If you give them to a 6-8 month old they will be perfectly fine. Not a whole bunch for them to shove in their mouths, but enough that they can eat them. And when they have two to four teeth they can easily chomp them down. So don't act like anyone in this thread is a bad parent for feeding their kids cheerios.


also to dee - October 5

How else would a child learn to eat solid foods besides actually giving them solid foods?


Kelly - October 5

I think Dee mean't why risk it. I would ask your doctor.


Dee - October 5

I didn't "act" any way. I asked you and you answered with the usual defensive tone that lingers here. Big surprise for this board! FYI - they are a choking hazzard as is any small object that is inserted into a tiny mouth with a tiny airway.


N - October 5

They are only a choking hazzard if you allow your child to eat them unsupervised. Like i suggested before, wait until your child can pick them up and put them in their own mouths, by themselves. I don't think anyone implied otherwise.


OMG - October 5

You freaking people and the "call your doctor" c___p. Do you guys not have any common sense? Do you think that kids only have formula and milk until they are two? If kids are interested in table food, i.e., babies around the ages of 6-12 months old, you let them try it and supervise them. Common sense. That's it. If you guys actually call your doctor for each and every little thing, than you need to reevaluate your parenting skills. Your doc is not there for each little thing that needs to take place in your child's life. Especially for something as small as giving a child cheerios. What a waste of the nurses and the doctors time.


desiree - October 5

Thanks everyone!! I can't wait to try spagetti, too!!! I'll hold off on the cheerios until he has some top teeth and can pick them up by himself. LOL, Monica!! That is so cute! Thanks again :)



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