Cheerios How Old

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mcatherine - February 12

I was just wondering when you gave you little one cheerios or their first cracker? My son is almost 6 mos, so I'm not ready to do it yet, but my oldest keeps asking when we can give some to the baby and I would like to give him a month so he will leave me alone about it!!!


kellens mom - February 12

We started breaking O's in half and giving them to dd around 7.5 months as I recall. I know O's are small, but I just felt better knowing they were smaller.


sophiasmom - February 12

My dd is 10mos and she just loves them. Yesterday, I went to the market and found them in a new package, great for diaper bags, very convient...


Shannah - February 12

i have the same question....also my little one is 6 months and i let him naw on a cracker a little bit was curious when to start giviing soft pasta or smashed beans, he has been eating for a while, sorry to just but into your questions mcath...


jb - February 12

I think around 7-8 months is correct. It depends on when your baby seems ready to try it. In general I think 7-8 is average, but it could be as late as 9-10 months.


ash2 - February 12

DS was 7 months when i first gave him one.


CyndiG - February 12

Carlie will be 7 months Wed. She's been eating graham crackers and Club crackers for about a month now. She's been chewing on Zwieback toast for at least 2 months. All three just melt. Knock on wood she hasn't gotten choked yet. I've tried cheerios, but she's not interested. They're too small and she can't pick them up yet. She's a control freak.... :O}


Shannah - February 13

i tried a little cracker and it dissolved i guess i should try grahm crackers and cub crackers and see what he can do with those, he is a good eater so he should do fine with a cracker


luviduvi - February 13

I don't remember...Somewhere around the 7 or 8 month. My ped had given me a chart on when to start giving them to your lo and that is when I started. I will get one of those sheets today and then it will all come back to me I'm sure.



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