Child S Head Circ Too Small

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Jmom - May 15

How big was your child's head? My Dr told me my ds's head was small. Now I am worried. When he was born it was 13.5''. At 3 weeks it was 36 cm, now at 2 months, it is 38 cm. It doesn't look too small.


SonyaM - May 15

My son's head circ. at 2 months was 42 cm, but his head is large according to my Dr. so I wouldn't worry. It's not that different. At two weeks my first son's was 36 1/4 and my second son's was 37.5 so it doesn't seem taht your son's is that much different. My Dr. said if at my son's 9 month appt. his head is still measuring large we will do a scan to rule out hydrocephelus but we are not worrited at all. He has the same head size my husband did at that age so it seems fine. Good luck.


Rabbits07 - May 15

My son's head circ_mference at his one month appt. was 31 least that is what I thought she told me. His circ_mference at birth was also 13.5".


SonyaM - May 15

Also, I wanted to add that I think the head circ. size being of concern is related to their other measurements. If they are 50th or 75th in all other areas then, 99th for head would be odd and might raise a flag of concern. Hope this helps.


Jmom - May 16

I read up that a small head could mean a small brain, but he is developing on target and even hitting some milestones early. A sudden growth spurt can also indicate autism :( I'm trying not to worry- but easier said than done!


dsmack80 - May 16

Some babies just have different proportions. My son's HC was in the 25th percentile while I was pregnant but everything else measured in the 50-75th percentile. Dr scared the heck outta me that something was wrong. But in pregnancy and now at 6 mos he's grown at the same rate: HC at 25th and length and weight at 50-75th. As long as it's consistent growth/percentiles it should be fine. Some babies just have smaller heads :)


Jmom - May 17

Thank you dsmack80, you made me feel better. His length is in the 75th% and his weight is in the 50th%. I think his head is only in the 13th%, but as I said, it is growing consistantly. I'm going to not worry about it- (if I can) for now. Hopfully all will be well!


Shea - May 17

Here is a great website that will calculate the percentiles for you (I hate trying to read the charts):


Shea - May 17

As always, no dashes.



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