Childless Friends

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ash - November 12

Does anyone else feel they are driffting apart from their friends without children???


Lesley - November 12

I did when I had my 1st baby. All they were interseted in was going out, getting drunk and I wanted to stay in and look after my son. They probably saw me as a boring person to be around. I was only 16/17 at the time too. It didn't bother me though. If they were true friends it wouldn't bother them if I had a child or not.


Jamie - November 12

Friends? What're those???


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 12

Luckily all of my really close friends all have a kid or two or three, so we have a lot in common. I don't see everyone very often as we are all very busy, but we make a point to get together, talk on the phone, and attend each others events, so it is pretty nice, and my son will have a lot of playmates!


Jbear - November 12

I know what you mean about drifting's as if you've entered a new phase in your life and they can't possibly understand until they have a child.


kl - November 12

I agree with Jamie , but Jamie those are the same people you grew up with 'really' everytime I come across one they all see right through me and tell me where to meet them and I know if I did they would faithfully be there but you know I really am too busy cleaving as I should be . My kids and wife are my best friends and my kids friends parents are also my mutual friends for that reason .


TC - November 13

I drifted away from my friends when I got married. I had 11 women in my bridal party and only talk to 2 of them on a daily basis. One of them has a 15yr old son and the other one is childless. The childless one is my best friend and we vowed not to let a child get seperate us. There are some friendships that I know I need. She is also my son's Godmother so I think that would help as well.


Jamie - November 13

actually, kl, I see what you're saying, but for me, the people I'm around are just people - I'm in a foreign country right now. Most of the people I grew up with do have kids of their own, but they're on a different continent. :)


April - November 13

I don't even speak to my friends from high school anymore. All they want to do is party. That's not my scene anymore. Ash - if you're worried, try not to be. Get out to some mom and me type groups. It's easy to find people you like at those places. You can make some great new friends. :)


karine - November 13

yeah...what are those lol...iam 22 and still dont really have friends as they all started careers and are childless....we see them on special cause she is the i guess its ok


A - November 20

Kl .............WHAT the??????


Michelle - November 20

I know the feeling. I had a friend and we were almost inseperable... until I had my daughter. I have a few friends from school, but I have moved away so I keep contact by internet. All the friends I had in town would rather be out partying. I am happy though. I wouldn't change for anything. I do have one friend who is due in Dec, so hopefully we can stay in touch. Good Luck to all.


Mommy - November 20

I have drifted away from most of my friends. It's rather depressing. None of them have kids, except my sister but she don't have custody of her son. She would rather go bar-hopping and sleep around then be with him. And my best friend doesn't have kids and has been doing meth, so needless to say she doesn't come around MY kids. It really sucks because I have NO ONE WHATSOEVER to keep me company except my husband. Of course without him I would go insane from lack of adult conversation, lol. Anyway all my friends have changed. We went from hanging out all the time (clean fun, just so you know) to them doing drugs and having casual s_x and me starting a family and getting married. I am happy though and wouldn't exchange having my family for having my friends again in a million years. :o)


Jamie - November 20

What I think really sucks is, there are several women on this site that I really like, and I'd love to be able to develop a friendship with them in RL, but I know that we all live too far away.


Michelle - November 20

I know the feeling Jamie, but you can always be internet friends and pen-pals. and you never know, mayboe one day you can meet them!


brenda - November 20

when i was pregnant with my daughter my friends were all over the case. i only keep in real contact with 5 of my high school friends. they were really excited! but then my husband and i decided that since i was pregnant that i should move with him to NC his in the Army so i moved away from my friends, we still keep in touch thru e-mail and one of them got pregnant 1 month after me so i thougt that was going to be fun but im also alone here in NC but i managed to make friends here. there is also other moms who are also in need of other adult interaction. i was lucky that the girl who lives in the first floor was pregnant and was due 1 month after me so we always talk. i wouldn't change my husband or my daughter for my friends but it is nice to have those people to talk and share your moments.


Lesley - November 20

LOL mommy! I'm exactly the same! I thought it was just me who had no friends. It makes me sound really sad doesn't it! My partner is here but not really a talkative person. I don't have noone I can call, or meet in town for a cuppa and a chat. When I do go to the town I meet with my mum who comes shopping with me and helps me out. I would still like even one friend that is there for girly chats.... cos lets face it there is some things you can't talk to your mum about LOL.



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