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yogi - November 13

has any one taken their baby to the chiropracter, what was the resone and did it help? i am thinking about taking dd to one.


excited2bemama - November 13

A friend of mine took her son to one for reflux and she said it helped alot. I was going to take my lo because she spits up alot and I go to a chiropractor but I haven't gotten around to it. They are really gentle- not like how they work on adults. It can't hurt anything.


DB - November 13

Well, I took my dd for her ear infections...she went 3x. Actually, they adjusted her like they would an adult! It looked painful, but it didn't hurt her at all. She was happy as a clam afterwards. I can't say anything negative about it, but for my dd I don't think it helped her very much and I can't afford tons and tons of $20 copays when she's also at the doc. all the time...but I've heard a lot of good things about it for colicky babies. Can't hurt to try.


mommybabyboy21 - November 13

I took mine...he has a club foot and to fix it they had to put a cast on his left foot from the time he was 4 days old to 3 months old. So his hips got out of line because the cast weighted about 1/2 pound. And he was getting hic ups all the time. so I took him and it has really helped his hic ups and his lower back used to feel funny but now feels normal. oh and my cousin had a c-section with her son and they pulled him out funny and his head always lean to the left and he kind of looked retarted and we finally talked her in to taking her baby to a chiropractor when her ds was about 5 months old...after three ajustments he became a new baby. His head straighten out he became a more alert baby and doesn't look retarted anymore. I wish I could post a picture it really says a thousand words. Oh and my chiro doesn't charge for children...


MNMOM - November 14

i took my then 8-week old to the chiropractor to see if it would help his colic, it helped a ton, his neck and spine were out of alignment and she fixed it which made him much less fussy and easier to digest his milk


yogi - November 14

thanksgirs i took my dd to the chiropracter last night ,she was very fussy and wouldnt sleep and i just had enough of it. so it turned out that she has ear infection so she ma__saged her and did some other wierd things and my dd was happy and calm the whole time i just couldnt belive it and she told me to warm some olive oil and put a clove of garlic in it and let it sit fo 30 min and then put 4 drops in each ear .i did it last night and this morning she is totaly difrent i am a big beliver now and i am going to take her there on thursday too. i just want my baby to be happy . any ways she dose some wierd energy therapy too where she uses moms energy to heal the baby :o and the most wierd thing that is one of the resons i am going back is tha she told me i need to let go of my other babies that i have lost and focuse on this one ,WHAT how did she know that. i was so afraid to look her in the eyes i was afraid she was going to find out more.haha



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