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ewilson - February 27

My son will 1 month on Saturday and is constantly unhappy and seems to be in pain. We have changed formulas, used different techniques to relieve gas pain but nothing seems to work. He doesn't sleep well during the day or night. Someone suggested that we try taking him to a chiropractor. Has anyone done this?


Mrs.Ireland - February 27

I did try with my dd when she was 1.5 months. It actually made her worse, but it ended up she was really colicky and had to be put on a prescription med for colic. We did the same thing in trying 6 differenct formulas, she was on prevacid for reflux and it came down to colic. Good Luck, I know it's hard to go through.


mjvdec01 - February 27

Your sons system is still adjusting and it will take time. Try gentle ma__sage, and working his legs. I really don't think that chiropractics is the way to go. what he is going through is normal.


MNMOM - February 27

My son was extrememly colicky and we took him to a chiropractor - a woman who is the mother of 4 and has a lot of chiropractic exoerience with babies-anyway, we took him at 8 weeks and had great success, his neck and spine were out of alingment form the v____al birth process. It helped! Find someone you are comfortable with and who has a lot of experience.


mommybabyboy21 - February 28

I did and it helped alot. But who it helped the most was my aunt...her son looked retarded (for lack of a better word) before he had an adjustment...he got one and he looks normal and started sleeping better was less fussy and was able to move his head again. It was amazing.


Kristine - February 29

YES! My advice is find oen that teats infants and take him in. My dd was the same way at 1 month and I was so upset thinking my baby was unhappy all the time. The chiropractor did an adjustment each time (we wen three times) and her demeanor completely changed! He did gentle ma__sage like movements on her with me sittting right with her and the chiropractor. They say they only need 3-4 visits. Don't hesitate. You won't regret it and you have nothing to lose. Mine suspected she had an issue during labor since her head was stuck high up and it ended in a c-section. She still woke up durign the night for feedings but overall did not cry as much. good luck!



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