Choo Choo Soul

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YC - March 10

I figured if anyone knew what show I was talking about it would be fellow mommies. My dd is 15 months old so her t.v. exposure is pretty limited but the Disney Channel is a lifesaver on Sunday mornings while we get ready for church. She really likes Handy Manny and the Mickey Mouse Club. She is a very active baby so it truly amazes me that she will sit and watch a show (of course when the commercials come on she is completely disinterested LOL!). When CHOO CHOO SOUL comes on the girl goes nuts! She jumps up and dances the through the whole video. I have never seen such a little baby get so excited. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love the music to and find myself humming it at work LOL!!! I think Genevieve has a beautiful voice and I think I have a crush on the conductor..he's hot (even if he is a little on the skinny side) LOL!!! Any other choo choo soul fans? Thanks for listening...I am such a first-time mommy ha!ha!


luviduvi - March 10

My daughter loves choo choo soul. When I go to babies r us its always playing now. Mickey Mouse is good b/c of the contrasting colors and hey---its a cla__sic. My dd mostly watches Noggin.


drea - March 10

I LOVE the disney channel. That is all I let my dd watch (in moderation) also. Choo Choo soul is awesome and so is Handy Manny. I also like that baby thing, I forgot what its called. I sing all the songs when they come on and my dd cracks up its so cute.


ry - March 10

Ha ha, my daughter loves choo choo soul too and the conductor is hot! lol. She goes crazy when "Go Baby" is on too. I wish they'd make that a 20 minute show!


Shea - March 10

My son loves the Disney Chanell too, I DVR Mickey & Bear in the Big Blue House, and we sometimes have on JoJos Circus or the Wiggles, but Choo Choo Soul is great b/c my son only has interest in tv when there is music. Even Mickey, which is his fav. gets ditched when they aren't singing. He is 13mos and he "dances" by stomping his right foot and flapping his arms around. It's hilarious.


Shannah - March 12




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