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Damiens mom - November 27

Hi Ladies! My son will be 4 months next month and I'm just wondering if you have a good idea for a chrismas present?


Jbear - November 27

When they're that little, Christmas is mostly for you. My daughter is about the same age (born Aug 17) and we're getting her a musical glow worm and a ring stacker (which she won't really be able to use for a few months). She really likes anything with lights and noise. My older daughter did too (still does at 3).


Mommy - November 27

Maybe get an alphabet ball. I got my son one when he was like 5 months. It's by Leapfrog and the letters light up and it sings the ABC's and it also has regular music like the wheels on the bus, ect. It has a stand to hold it in place so they can bat at it and it won't go anywhere. Then when they get older you can remove the frame and it's a normal ball they call roll on the floor. It's a good gift because now my oldest is a toddler and stil plays with it.


Jamie - November 27

My daughter is also that age (born August 10) - Santa is bringing her a Jumparoo and a teddy bear; also, he's putting a high chair toy and a brush/comb set in her stocking. Mommy and Daddy are giving her a high chair, a mirror toy, and a Piglet painting for in her room. I know my MIL got her a Cabbage Patch doll. I don't know what the rest of my family is getting her, but I told them 6-9 month clothes and/or 6+ month developmental toys. I'll only have to hold onto the stuff for a few weeks before she's old enough for it.


ally - November 27

my daughter has too many toys, too many clothes, was thinking a baby bracelet as a special 1st xmas present, she will be 7 mths, for a 4 mth old. what about a special teddy for later on for bed time, i kinda think first xmas it would be nice to be special but it is hard to think of something


momma - November 27

my daughter will be a little over 8 months at christmas and we are getting her a gate, $ for her savings account, and one or two toys she can play with santa is bringing her a toy as well for a 4 month maybe you can find a teether or two i saw a soft key piano at walmart that looks like fun


erica - November 27

First of all Im going to say my son is my first born, and this is his first Christmas. Lol but he is going to be three months old and we got him a jumparoo, an exersaucer, a play gym for the floor, and one of those strap on things for his car seat. Hope this helps.


Damiens mom - November 28

thanks for all your suggestions!


Kathryn - November 28

I'm thinking practical because I know grandparents, aunts and uncles will get him toys. His dad and I are getting him a car seat.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 28

My son was born on Aug 17th also, and will be 4 months. He is getting the fisher price gymtastics wall, leap frog learning table, and some smaller stuff. He will not have a clue, but we will sure have fun. He is the first grandchild on both sides, so he is going to get way too much stuff from his grandparents!


TC - November 28

My son was born on Aug. 31 so I figure that this Christmas would be a freebie. However, from his 2 grandmas and other family members his wishlist includes a playpen, jumperoo, high chair (for later on), clothes in the next size and educational toys for his age.


L - November 28

I just ordered my 3-month old a monogrammed lovey with her full name on's adorable, so soft and a keepsake.



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