CHRISTMAS And NEW YEAR S What To Do With Lo S Sleep

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andy - November 12

my dd will be 9 months onn dec 30 and she s still having some issues with her sleep ... But I don't know what we will do for those special nights where I want her to be awake but dont want to ruin everything in her schedule ... what are you planning to do??


excited2bemama - November 12

I know what you mean. Dd will be 6 months at christmas time and goes to bed fairly early... 6- 630 pm. She can tolerate staying up a little bit later but not much. For christmas eve we plan on going to church at 6 pm instead of midnight. THat will finish at 7 and we will come home and put her to bed. Christmas day we will leave my dads house by 630 pm so we can get home and put her to bed. Same for thanksgiving,. I have NO idea what to do for naps as dd NEVER sleeps great anywhere but her own crib.


c_baer19 - November 12

For the holidays we will not be changing her schedule - everything should work out fine as it is. As for New Year's, we can just celebrate the New Year earlier that day or later on New Year's Day.. I don't see any need for her to get up at midnight when she won't have any idea what she's up for!


DDT - November 12

My ds will be 10.5 months for Xmas & New Year. For Xmas Eve he will be in bed at his usual 6:30-7pm. We are having some people over for dinner at our place so that will make things easier as he will be in his own crib. For Xmas Day naps might be a bit hectic because we have a lot of people to visit...but if he hardly naps during the day we will shoot for a earlier bedtime. Luckily he naps in his portable crib just fine so we will be bringing that along with us. For New Years we will be away from home and he will go to bed as normal in a portable crib. Again...his naps may be off but I will try to get him to nap as much as possible. This might irritate some people who want to "visit" with him but I am going to stick to my guns and if he's especially cranky and tired then I will try to put him down for a nap. Usually "they" recommend a earlier bedtime if a special occasion messes up a the nap routine.


andy - November 12

Thanks , I will try to keep her day as every normal day But I will be having problems with the nigths since we are definitelly going first to my moms house then to dhs mom and we as tradition to eat at 12 xmas and new years so we wont be home ... That will be the problem for me and dd is such a bad sleeper when she hears noise so maybe she will be all cranky ...


Happymommy - November 12

Hi ladies--I hear you! I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. The one little piece of advice that I would give would be to try and relax and go with the flow of things. The holidays are a small amount of time in the scheme of things and babies' schedules will not be ruined by a few off days or evenings. Try to have your lo's get their naps and stuff as much as possible--and like you said it would be ridiculous to try to keep a baby up for New Year's! Last year we had a party at about 7 or 8 with our lo's and had a blast. But basically, just try to enjoy yourself. Let your families help with your little ones. Make sure that special relatives and friends-especially those traveling from a ways away-get to spend time with your lo b/c they grow up so fast. Try not to let your lo's schedules dictate how you spend your holidays--it is good for babies to learn to be flexible with their schedules and not to be too dependent on them. I hope you all have wonderful holidays and make some special memories for your babies' first Christmases!



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