Christmas Is Coming

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desiree - November 9

Hi everyone. Christmas is getting close...I can't wait to play Santa this year for the first time!! I need some ideas for toys. Keston will be 9 months old by then...anyone have suggestions for toys for that age, anything that I should avoid?


d - November 10

My son at 8 months, loves things that he can spin and press and listen to tunes, numbers or letters. He likes the turtle with the b___s in it. He picks them up and waves it around or taps two together. He likes musical toys , maracas, drums with sticks. He loves to bang on a real or toy piano. He also likes baby einstein DVD's while playing -but only certain ones from the collection such as poetry languages/ neptune/ farm/ body parts/ galileo. He has no interest in stuffed animal toys.t


Jbear - November 10

Valerie was 9 months her first Christmas. We got her a fisher price piano with a little seat. She ignored it and climbed into the box it came in. Christmas at that age is more for the parents than the baby, so enjoy!


Jamie - November 10

My daughter will be 15 days shy of 5 months - I'm planning on getting her a jumparoo, a high chair, and some soft square pads they have at gyms and some fencing to create a baby-safe play are bigger than a play pen. Grandparents can take care of the rest. :) I know she'll still be a *bit* young for the jumparoo and the high chair, but not by too much, so I'm willing to hang onto them for a month or two.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 10

Amaya will be 7 1/2 months on Christmas. She loves the peek-a-boo blocks from Fisher Price and also loves the Roll A Round B___s from Fisher Price. We are getting her lots of those for stocking stuffers. Her "big" gift will be the Baby Gymtastics Play Wall from Fisher Price. It encourages crawling, sitting, rolling, and standing. I know grandparents are getting "bigger" toys that go with the blocks and b___s. Her PaPa got her the Drop and Roar Dinosaur. We are also thinking of getting her one of those "little" recliners. I am not sure what else she will get. Go to and look at their toys by age!


karine - November 10

Ipeek a blocks and fisher price little people. they are worth son got it as an infant..and he is now 2 and still plays with them. fisher-price walker is also good as their is activities in front, until they can use it to walk.


Jennifer - November 10

Hi everyone, I have not had my baby yet, I'm due Dec 15th, but like Desiree I cannot wait to play santa claus. I just wanted to tell you all about this cool website I found called they have the coolest toys, many of their toys are featured in parenting magazines, and encourage using the imagination. They are also catagorized by the child's age. I'm going to go nuts buying toys from that website!


Rachael mommy2Lucas - November 11

Oh I cannot wait! Lucas will only be 4 mos but I want him to have every toy I see. But we will not get him a lot because his grandparents will be off the hook. Our house is not going to be big enough for all the stuff he will get. I tell them not to go overboard, but they don't listen. It will be fun though. My dh and I cannot agree on if Santa should wrap his gifts or not, he did not when I was little but he did for my hubby. I don't want to wrap Santa presents, he does. I know I will win but what do you guys do?


belle - November 11

When I was a kid the Santa presents were the only ones that weren't wrapped. I think I will continue that tradition.


Jbear - November 11

Our santa presents weren't wrapped either. My husband says his were, but santa only brought him socks and underwear.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

Socks and underwear! I would've been really ticked off at Santa! Knowing me as a child, I probably would've gone to the mall and kicked the poor guy that was in the suit at that time! LOL


Jbear - November 11

That's all his mom had money for...don't feel bad for him, he's made up for it now, the man actually owns more clothes than I do


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 11

I always had 1 "big" present that wasnt wrapped from santa and all the rest of the santa and other presents were wrapped. Dh doesnt even want to do Santa b/c we will be lieing to Amaya. I am going to win this battle!


Lissi - November 11

Lol! Jbear, you're husband must've been on the naughty list. Socks and underwear?! Nadya will be only 3 months at Christmas, but I'm so excited! I can't wait to show her the tree and all the lights etc! We're only giving her 1 present from Santa this year, because she's too little to care, and my family will spoil her with so many gifts, that we won't have any room left in our house if Santa brings a truck load as well. She'll get more when she's older. I'm really looking forward to the time when she understands what Christmas is all about and gets excited about it. My nephew came to us for Christmas when he was 3 years old, and he was so excited that Santa had been, that he couldn't stop shaking all morning! Wasn't it great when you believed in Santa?! :)


desiree - November 11

Oh, when my brother and I were little, Santa was wonderful to believe in!! I wan't Keston to have all the same warm, fuzzy Christmas feelings that I have! Are you guys going to put out milk and cookies? Remember WE get to eat them, now!!! I also can't wait to show him the lights and tree. I got some great ideas for gifts, now...Thankyou!


Toya - November 12

Definitely putting out Christmas cookies and we'll be decorating christmas cookies with some of our friends kids. I'm so happy that the white fudge covered oreos are out!!!!!!!! yum!


Toya - November 12

Oh far as Christmas gifts...I know that I want to knit a Baby's 1st Christmas blanket for Asjani, who'll be almost 8 months during the holidays. Not sure what play-things I'll get her...I'd give her the remote control if it didn't have those small b___tons. She loves those remotes!



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