Christrian Academy Or Public Playhouse

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18wbabynov - February 13

where will you send your kids to school, and why?


CyndiG - February 13

I send my dd to a Christian School. My main reasoning in the beginning was because she got saved when she was 4 1/2. I wanted her to be immersed in a Christian atmosphere to nurture her relationship with Jesus. She's in 3rd grade now. We are prayerfully considering homeschooling her. Just because of the cost, and the freedom involved. I don't know if we'll do that or not, but regardless, I will not, unless the Lord just tells me to, put her into public school. There are still the same problems in Christian school (like children from broken homes, parents with addictions, bullies, etc) but the difference is that those issues can be dealt with biblically. Besides the fact that she knows more bible verses than I could ever hope to learn!! :O}


Danielle19 - February 13

my son goes to a christen daycare but i plan on sendinghim to public school when he starts,


sahmof3 - February 13

Public... cost being the biggest reason. So far, so good.


DeeJay - February 13

Public!!! I went to "christian" and I learned alot about religion, alot of bad about religion, and the people were very nasty and two faced. If you didn't believe EXACTLY as they did you were going to hell!!! Very closed minded. ALso when I did get to public school I was behind in alot of subjects and in public school they offer so much more. There may be some private schools that are very good, but around here a lot of the "church" schools the teachers do not even need to have a teaching license!!! We just moved to an area with an award winning public school system, (thats why we moved) so she will definately go there.


CyndiG - February 13

DeeJay, I think you just had a bad experience. A true Christian doesn't act or believe that way. If you mean you have to believe EXACTLY the way they believed means you have to accept Jesus as your savior or you're going to hell, you're right. If that's close minded, I'm guilty. I think you just had a bad experience though. I've been really happy with my daughter's school. Maybe I'm just really lucky though.


Nerdy Girl - February 13

Public!! Where I live, the academics are far superior in the public schools and mediocre in the christian schools. I went to Catholic school all the way thru 12th grade and know that I could have had a lot more opportunities both academically and culturally in the public school. Our kids don't need to attend Catholic school to know about God and know about Jesus. We teach them, take them to church, and when they are old enough they will go to CCD. I also agree with DeeJay about the close-minded stuff. The God I believe in is not going to send good moral people to hell just because they don't practice a specific sect of Christianity, you know? The God I believe in is a loving God. I grew up a mixed religion home (Jewish dad, Catholic mom) and I got pretty sick of people from my school trying to convert my Dad from Judiasm. There is more than one way to love the Lord. (OK, I cannot believe I just typed that because I am not a very openly religious person.) And yes, like DeeJay said here in Illinois private schools do not require teachers to have teaching certificates. How on earth does THAT make sense??


Nerdy Girl - February 13

And Cyndi, not to start a drama, but your comment about accepting Jesus or going to hell is really going to ruffle the Jewish feathers on this forum. Just be careful.......


Nita_ - February 13

funny, my dh and I were just talking about this last night...I think we'll have to evaluate or learn from other parents what they feel about their babies' schools. Before we had our baby, both of us volunteered as tutors for 7-8th grades in public school and boy, they were sooo behind. I don't know if it was that particular school or if it's like that curriculum wise in all public schools. I thought I would send our dd to public schools since we pay so much in taxes! I want to make use of them! But again, don't want my dd to be lagging behind. Where we currently live, the public school might be better than where we tutored will see. My dd is only 7 months old, so have some time. If need be, we might even move to a 'better' locality with top schools!


Nerdy Girl - February 13

I feel like I am getting up on my soapbox here, but as you can probably infer from my mixed background, religious intolerance has always been sort of a “hot b___ton” for me. As parents of the next generation, I think that the responsibility we have is just huge to raise our children to accept diversity and be as non-discriminatory as possible, whether that be about religion, race, s_xual orientation, or whatever. I think that kids need to be exposed to people of all types so that they don’t grow up thinking everyone is just like them. Our children will someday be running this country – in business, politics, church, or wherever. They NEED to open minded. I am still bothered by how uncomfortable some very devout Christian guys I used to work with ostracized a gay man in our office. The gay man was great at his job and very personable with everyone, so should it really matter what he did in his private life? Did his private life impact how he did his job? Absolutely not, but these other guys were just horrible to him, telling him how he will go to hell and pa__sing our information about their church to him. When he did not show interest in this information, they were just really huge a-holes to him. Now is that the Christian way? To be an a-hole to someone because they don’t practice the same s_x LIFE that you do??? Now that I have children, I really struggle with finding a balance of teaching them Christianity but also teaching them to be open-minded and accepting of others who have made different choices with their faith or lifestyle. Now some fundamentalist with probably bite my head off, but I just needed to say that……


18wbabynov - February 13

well, i didnt mean to start such a huge thing... i wasnt saying either was better, i was just trying to decide where to send my dd... she is little though, so i have pleanty of time. thank you to everyone who anserwed, i dont want an argument, i would like to hear why some poeple go christian, and why some go public. thats all!


k.p.j.e. - February 13

Oh I wish I could send my kids to private school, not Christian but just's too expensive for our family but we think the public schools around Portland Oregon are pretty ghetto. Depends where you live but we are really researching it extensively. DeeJay, my hubby's Christian school experience was similar to yours, just to say. He did get sent there though because of being expelled from numerous public schools first. He was a bad boy lol :)


Nerdy Girl - February 13

Sorry, Cyndi's comment about going to hell just got me going.


MellyMel - February 13

If I had the money to send my son to a Christian/private school, you bet your a__s he would be there in a minute, but I don't. So unfortunately, he is going to public school unless I get rich soon!! LOL. He did go to a Christian/Baptist Church daycare and I absolutely LOVED it! When we had to change to public daycare center, oh my gosh, I so a difference in him in less than 6 months. I wish I never took him out, but we moved and I had to switch him.


SonyaM - February 13

Nerdygirl, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN and AMEN!!!!!! My dh is catholic and I just christian I suppose but I want my children raised just like you said-to understand and accept diversity. My sister is a lesbian and it just gets under my skin when people who are "christian" judge her. Okay, I'm done-for now.....


Erynn21 - February 13

Well I am lucky to have options in my area, not w/ Christian school vs. public, but w/ public vs. a community learning based school. I would never think of homeschooling a child, I think it's too unfair developmentally for them, socializing is crucial for development and I have seen how sad it makes my niece to be home-schooled, she wishes she could be "normal" and go to school w/ her cousins. I live in an area where the public high school is well known for sending most of the graduates off to college and the sports teams have gotten numerous awards for having the highest GPA's in the state, so I have no problems w/ sending my dd there, also I know most of the teachers and some were my teachers(I obviously live in a small town). I would like her to go to the Montessori preschool here w/ my friends children and then possibly to the community school which is a mixed age school that goes to 6th grade, but I would be proud if she goes to our public school here because all the teachers are great and I really think they would teach her well.


CyndiG - February 13

You know what Nerdy Girl, there are LOTS of topics that I wouldn't want to ruffle feathers on. There are things said on here that I just ignore because they are pointless. Some things I do chime in on, but I never say "you are wrong". BUT, with that said, this is not one of them. I am a Bible believing Christian. The Bible tells me, (I don't make this stuff up) that if you don't acknowledge that you are a sinner, that Jesus Christ came to Earth, he died on the cross for your sins, and he rose again on the third day, and that you accept him as your personal Lord and savior, that you are going to hell. I don't care if you are the Pope, if you don't accept Jesus as the messiah and as your savior you are going to hell. ON the other hand, if you do, then you have a golden ticket to Heaven. That's what the Bible tells me. If that ruffles your feathers, then so be it, because it is the most truth that has ever been spoken. I love my Jesus enough to stand up for Him and not to gloss over the subject. That's what I believe with my WHOLE heart and soul. And I'm putting my eternity into that fact. That doesn't mean that I think it's right to ridicule someone because they have a different s_xual orientation than I do, or because they live a different lifestyle. A real Christian will love that person regardless. But a real Christian will not stand by and let you go through life without knowing about their God. That doesn't mean you have to accept Him, but it is my responsibility to tell you. So I've told you, you do with it what you want. But that same Bible also tells me that God's word will go forth and WILL NOT return void. So there, I've done my job. Sorry if that makes you mad. As strongly as you feel about your stance, I feel just that strongly about mine.



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