Chronic Nasal Congestion

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emunah - March 8

my baby is almost 6 weeks old and has been congested since he was born. He has nothing else apparently wrong and it's driving us nuts. It is so difficult to keep him comfortable and he hates it when we saline and suction out his nose, which is a good few times a day and night. Has anyone else been through this? When does it go away?


Jennifer28 - March 8

I don't know when it goes away but from what dd's ped says it is completely normal. I asked him about it at her 2 month appt. b/c I was worried she was allergic to something in our house. Something about them being in fluid for so long or something. I swear I need to write things down! My memory is horrible. ;) DD is 14 wks and still congested all the time. Just keep doing what you're doing and it will go away - sooner rather than later I hope. ;)


emunah - March 8

We actually just took him back to the ped, and he told us to try switching to soy formula, instead of the milk based one he is on. The ped also said that you will know within a few days if it makes a difference. If the congestion clears up then he will stay on the soy, if no improvement, then we will switch back. I will let you know.


emunah - March 11

Jennifer, Guess what? Since switching our son to soy formula 2 days ago, there has been a major improvement. The congestion is 75% gone! I cannot believe it. It seems he is intolerant of the milk based formula. I feel so bad that he has been suffering since he was born. Is your baby on formula? Perhaps it is worth looking into. Let me know, I would love to know


Maggie - March 11

Emunah, I was just going to ask you what formula you were using. My dd had the same issue and it cleared up a lot when we switched her to soy. Chronic congestion is a sign of a milk protein allergy. My pedi told us to put the saline in her nose, but not to aspirate her nose because it was irritating the nasal pa__sage more. By the time she was 12 weeks she was no longer congested.



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