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mamatom - February 11

Ok, I have a question for those of you that have done this.... My son is 11.5 months and his sleeping habit is horrible.. Yes, it's because of me.. I've just let him go to sleep whenever and never set any kind of routine. Now I'm going back to work on Monday and I am trying to get him to go to bed at 8 pm. He's only taking short naps during the day (2 half an hour naps or one 1.5 hour nap), so I'm thinking he should be tired by 9.. But no, he wants to play and wouldn't fall asleep til midnight. So last night I decided to get him to bed at 8 pm.. Did the bath at 7:30, 9 ounce bottle at 7:45 and he was out at 8. Between 8 and 9:30 he woke up 4 times... The first 3 times I went back in there and put him back to sleep. The fourth time he woke up, i just left him. He was crying on and off for an hour. I felt so bad but once I let him cry I didn't want to go in there and ruin it all. He wasn't crying histerically or anything, more like a whine.. Would stop for a minute, then start again.. He fell asleep again at 10:30 and slept till 5:30 am.. then he wouldn't go to sleep till 7. slept again from 7 till 10.. had a nap from 1 till 2:30 and now I'm going to keep him awake and repeat the same thing from last night... I'm thinking a few days of this or even a week and he should be used to this schedule, right??? I hope I'm doing this right, I really don't want a baby that goes to bed at midnight... Can't believe he'll be one soon and it's time for me to go to work next Monday.. :( anyone else have any suggestions?? it would be greatly appreciated.. thanks


Krissy25 - February 12

Midnight to 8 pm is a big adjustment, if you had more time i would say start making him go to sleep at 11:30 and when he is use to that 11:15 and so on. But if you keep doing your routein, he will start to get it and eventually it won't be a problem, your just going to have some tough nights ahead of you. My dd had some bad sleep habits too and i eventually said enough is enough and i decided on a 9:30 bed time, for the most part she goes down with out a fight and now i can tell she is wanting to go to bed sooner so i think we will start putting her down at 9:15 now. I have also noticed that she is napping better. I can put her in her crib when she is sleepy and she will fall asleep, she use to need me to hold her, i think she is starting to a__sociate the crib with sleeping instead of my arms.


J.J. - February 12

All things considered, I think you've got the right idea and are on the right track. After 11 months, it may take a couple weeks of consistent bed routine to reform his sleeping habits. I would stick to the 8 pm bed time and let him cry (or whine)....guarantee that will dissipate as time pa__ses. One other thing, if he wakes again at 5 am, try to get him back to sleep but then I'd get him up to start his day at 7-7:30, even if you just got him back to sleep and you're tired. Most books recommend getting a child up at that hour to help them develop good sleep patterns. At nite, if you're feeling guilty about leaving your son unhappy in his crib while he's falling asleep, consider putting on some cla__sical music or a night light in his room and a few safe toys or books in his crib. Not everyone subscribes to this (some think it stimulates the child and keeps him/her awake), but it helped my son. My son is now 2 and goes to bed with this turtle-constellation night light -- it's a stuffed animal w/a few b___tons on his back. push the b___ton and colored "stars" shine on the ceiling. gives him somethig to look at without being too bright and the "stars" go out after 15 minutes. Good luck!


tish212 - February 14

jj I have seen the turtle thing but can't remember where and dd room is a star themed room where did u get it from and how much was it? thanks.. an to answer the post u already have a routine and changing the time of it I have found works as long as u r stict to the routine... dd gets swing time,then daddy time,then bath, then fed, then cuddle time, then she is swaddled and put to bed she was going to bed at 1am... but we moved her to going at 10pm and she adjusted just fine as long as we followed the routine exactly... and for the crying/whining he is expelling excess energy and actually helping make himself more sleepy our dd will whimper for about 10 minutes when she first goes to bed then shes out but if we stop her whimpering by holding her she won't sleep as well... gl


J.J. - February 14

tish, it was given to me at a gift, but i found it at amazon:



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