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Samantha1 - March 9

My doctor said to let my dd cry it out he said the first night would be hard and it was he said the second night would be a little less hard and she fell asleep in 20 minutes and the third night should be easy but she has been crying for about 40 minutes now and i dont know wat to do she doesnt want to sleep in her bed at night goes in it fine during the day ... she is 7 months old btw ... I could really use some advice shes gotten to were she fights sleep so bad i dont know wat to do


aggie03 - March 9

go in and comfort her after 10 min or so by placing your hand on her...that way she knows you are there but not going to pick her up...I cant imagine how hard it is..there are a lot of differnt oppinions on whatever works for you and your baby....GOOD LUCK


Samantha1 - March 9

every time i go in there it seems to make it worse she throws herself back n gets really really mad once she figures out im not going to pick her up the main problem is that she want to be held the entire time she is sleeping


jennyr - March 10

I had the same problem with my little one when she was an infant. It was horrible. She wanted to be held all the time and no one else would do but Mommy! I didn't let her cry it out until she was 1 and now she goes to bed on her own. If she wakes in the middle of the night for some reason. I go get her and lay down with her for a while. If she goes back to sleep with me I put her back in her crib and most of the time she wakes up right away and then I let her cry it out, Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes and other times it take like 20 but it is the greatest thing I have ever done but I would not have been able to do it at less then a year. I always thought she was too little for that!


Felisha - March 10

are you making her take a nap in the crib? because in my own opinion if she sleeps fine in her crib for you at night just wont take a nap in there then let her fall asleep in her ba__sinet or wherever else you feel comfortable with her napping. my dd sleeps great at night in her crib but during the day she refuses to sleep in the crib so make a palet on the floor where she can her the noises from the everyday things that go on around the house and she sleeps well. but then again she is only 3months


Samantha1 - March 10

She sleeps fine in her crib for her naps. Its at night that she has a problem going in her crib. She has been crying for an hour and a half and it just now got quiet it makes me feel like a bad mom to do this but i cant handle it i dont get any sleep if she sleeps in the bed with me and that is where she wants to be in bed with mommy and mommy to hold her while she sleeps if i need to get up to go pee she wakes up screaming ... i havent got to sleep through a whole night in 7 months im getting desperate


Bonnie - March 10

Samantha, when you go in there she will most defintaley cry harder, however you should still ho in and check. Both to make sure she is not hurt and to let her know that you are still there but it is night-night time. I would go in no more or less than every 15-20 minutes. Any sooner than that and she won't have time to calm down. She will catch on eventually. Generally this method works within a week. And I know full well just how tough it is to do. My advice to you would be this. Give it a 100% go for one full week. She is nto going to have any psychological damage for having to cry in a week (though MOMMY might, lol). Don't cave in and stick to it completely for one week and see how she does. If she does well (which is most likely) then you will finally get some rest. If she has not picked up on it by then, it might be better to try to find an alternative. .....Here are some suggestions as well that we did. Create a night time routine so that she knows it is coming. When you go in to check on her every 15-20 minutes. Give her a few pats, tell her it is okay and to go to sleep and that you are there, give her a pacifier (if she takes one) and tuck her in, and then leave. Do not pick her up, keep your voice quiet, don't turn on the lights and definately don't play. Even if she doesn't calm down. Just give her a minute or two to settle and then whetehr she does or not, leave the room. She will eventually get the message. :)


LollyM - March 10

I had to do this with our lo also, and I know how hard it is! I was sooo exhausted at 5 months, I thought I was going to snap! Don't feel like a bad mom, thay have to learn somehow, and she knows you are still there =) Just stay strong and don't give in tomorrow, or you will be setting you guys WAYY back, trust me on this one! You will be soo happy once you can sleep again =)


luviduvi - March 10

I haven't read the other posts so this may be a bit redundant. Go in every 10-15 minutes pat her back, and say the same thing to her every time you have to walk back in and soothe her. For example: when you lay her down for ni-night say, "good night, mommy loves you, see you in the morning" and walk out. Say that every time you walk back into her room and never pick her up unless you think there is something really wrong. I think repition is key and she is at the age where she's "got your number"


spamanda - March 10

i know it's hard but you can do it! i agree with the advice.... let her cry, check on her, don't pick her up unless you HAVE to. i know personally i am a MUCH better mom when i've had some sleep. i still nurse ds 1-2 times a night, but he mostly goes right back to sleep in his crib. good luck!


Felisha - March 10

ok i thought she wasnt sleeping in her crib for naps. i agree with all the other mothers repition is key. just stick with it and eventully she will get the point. and you are not a bad mommy for it, this helps her grow and learn. good luck i hope it gets easier. oh does she have a mobil she is at all interested in? I have this cool one that illuminates moons and stars on the ceiling and plays music that when dd gets older she can work herself but the lights kinda put her in a sleepy trance


Samantha1 - March 10

well it was day four she still screamed a long time tonight dont know how much long i can do this its so hard to see her that upset ... thank you guys for all the advice and rea__surance it means alot


LollyM - March 11

Hey again, glad to see you are sticking it out! I'm having to let dd cio tonight too, because some nights she just won't go to bed! I'm worried that the time change will really mess with her cycle! I want to give in too... =( I know it's better for her though so I won't


Samantha1 - March 12

Day 6 dd cried for an hour at nap time and at bed time 5 minutes at bed time ... wow i guess she was really tired cuz she didnt get much of a nap today cuz she woke up 15 minutes later then just napped in the car Man i hope theres a light at the end of this tunnel


Bonnie - March 13

Yay on the first step. :) Maybe keep a journal to literally time how long it's going on for. I hope she is adapting so you both get some sleep soon.


MommaMia - March 13

I don't know how you ladies do it. I refuse to let my daughter CIO. I did give it a go and did give it an entire week. It was hellish for all of us. Psychological damage? No. But the fact that she screamed for 2 hours straight to the point of vomitting, each and every single time.. I will not have for my child. Even after I picked her up she cried bloody murder and continued the rest of the night. We co-sleep now. I'm sure some of you will jump down my back for that but I have no fears of smothering her or her growing up needing to sleep with me. My parents co-slept with me and all my siblings and we turned out fine. I know CIO has been successful for alot of you, but not me. I will never do that to any child of mine again. I just do not get it.


Samantha1 - March 13

Well last night she woke up twice the first time i went in and rocked her a bit (trying to get her to quite nursing all night long) layed her back in her bed n she started crying again ... then when she woke up the second time i was so tired i brought her back to my bed to nurse then she wanted to play so dh took her back to her bed and she cried and cried then at 7:30 when hubby left for work he brought her to me and we cuddled till about 10:30 .... then at 1 she screamed for about 10 minutes before she fell asleep then at 4 she took a 10 minute nap so i have her laying down again for another nap and shes screaming alot im getting tired of this really quick its been 7 days now.... im exhausted anyways will update u guys later



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