CIO Napping And Cereal

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Renee924 - February 6

Two questions. First my pediatrician suggested we transition our month old baby to the crib using the crying it out method. he said if she cries for 10 minutes, pick her up, but do not bounce her or pat her, just hold her til she settles down, starts to get drowsy then put her back in crib. Did pretty good last night, got up to feed her at 12, 3, and 5, had to go in 1-2 times after she was in crib, but did better than I thought. My question is, is it okay to hold her during the day when she naps, and can I nap with her? I dont want to confuse her but I'm thinking it'll be okay bc during the day, we leave bright lights and tv on, and at night we keep lights low, and have quite white noise. Also, when can we start giving her cereal? my husband is interested in giving her a little bit in her night bottles to help her sleep, but I didn't know when it was okay to start this, and when any of you might have started?


AshleyB - February 6

They say not to start the cereal til your baby is between 4-6months. They can develop food allergies if introduced earlier and also their little tummies aren't ready for it yet. As far as CIO, I don't know but in my opinion your lo is too little for that. I couldn't do it to a 1 month old. My son is 8wks, and he still sleeps in a ba__sinet next to the bed. He sleeps well, we have a pretty good schedule going. He goes to sleep at 11 and is up around 3, and also 5:30 and then around 7-8 is up for the day. Its not too bad. I personally think that a 1 month old is much to young for CIO but I guess that's just my opinion. Good luck! Ive been tempted to start cereal earlier than supposed to also so that he'll maybe sleep longer, but I'm going to wait till at least 4 months.


piratesmermaid - February 6

I agree with AshleyB. CIO seems really harsh for a 1month old, we didn't start CIO until dd was 3 months and it was a very lax CIO method, every 5 min, I was in there with her soothing her........ The only time it's okay to give rice cereal in a bottle that young is if they have reflux. If not, wait until 4 months. That's when we introduced cereal for the first time, and use a spoon. An


Renee924 - February 6

Yeah I myself wasn't planning on transitioning her to the crib til she was about 12 weeks old. The pediatrician suggested after I told him she absolutely won't sleep unless we hold her. The second we set her down, in her sleeper, in the swing, in the basinnett, in her crib she wakes up and cries til you pick her up. He said we should let her CIO, 10 min. at a time, so that she won't grow dependent on falling asleep with one of us (he also said she can't really get dependent on it til she's about 2 months old) and he said if you're going to get her to sleep alone you may as well transition her to the crib so you don't have to later. He also said we'll be better parents if we're not "half-sleeping" because on top of waking up every 2-3 hours to feed and change, we're worried while we are sleeping about rolling on her or accidently elbowing her or something.


mommyke - February 6

Try swaddling - it makes them feel more like they are being held. I have the kiddopotomus one from Babys'r'us that velcros together so they can't get out of it and you don't have to worry about the blanket on the face. This worked wonders! I would definately NOT do cereal unless she has reflux - rice cereal is not meant to just be a quick fix to get her through the night. It can cause food allergies and I have also read that it can cause large weight gains in babies given too young. There will be people on here that argue with me, but I just don't think getting her to sleep more is a good reason to give it to her. Read the book "the Happiest Baby on the Block". You can get it on Amazon for pretty cheap. It really changed our household and everyone is happy and has been sleeping through since we got the book/swaddler.



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