CIO Nightmare

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JAI - June 5

Well my ds is 7 months and still hates the crib, I keep on saying I am going to do the CIO, then of course I find an excuse and do not do it. Well I want to start this week. I am so scared and really sick about it, but I need my bed back...LOL and he needs to be in his crib. I do not want to have him in my bed when he is 1yr, 2yr or 3yrs so I need to just do it already. Don't get me wrong I LOVE cuddling with him and having him with us, but it is just so unhealthy for all of us, plus I am falling off the bed. All your advice I am reading is helping push me to finally just do it. So tonight may be the 1st night we shall see. :-(


TinaMarie - June 5

JAI- I am curious to see how it works for you at 7 months. My daughter is almost 7 months and I am starting with her tonight too. Wish me luck, I am just worried sick about it. I will try to be Good luck ladies!


LisaB - June 5

Nic nac he is still eating around midnight 1 am and I will sometimes cave and nurse again at 5 530 when he wakes up it buys me about 2 more hours of sleep. I can't tell you how stressed I am about his sleeping. I don't want to create bad sleep habits but I think he is hungry so I don't want to not feed him at night- my ped said ds won't waste away but I think its cruel if he wake up hungry not to feed him. I really don't know what to do. It shouldn't be that hard!! Hows your dd doing?


nic nac - June 6

Hi LisaB, things are getting better. The last two nights she slept through from 7 pm to 6 am. All I could do was thank God that I didn't have to do the CIO. I, like JAI keep using excuses not to follow through with it. Bonnie gave me some really great advice so I will refer to it when we have to. Have you tried to use a paci instead of feeding him? You say you cave in, does that mean that when he wakes at 5:30 you automatically feed him? The only way you will know that he doesn't need a feed is to try a paci or something else. You have to be strong and try it. If he calms down after trying a paci then he isn't hungry. It would be cruel to not feed a hungry baby but if he is waking at the same time and eats it is out of habit not hunger and if you automatically feed him then you won't be able to determine if its true hunger or habit. He should be able to sustain himself through the night. I know its hard but imagine a 2 year old waking habitually at the same time for a midnight snack, ha ha, not fun. With my dd i eliminated the night feed in one night just by trying a paci instead of a bottle. She went back to sleep so I knew she didn't need the feed. Now if she could sleep through the night consistently things would be great.


nic nac - June 6

LisaB, I know from your previous post you said he won't take a paci but does that mean he screams when you give it to him or does he just spit it out? I had to hold the paci in her mouth for about 3 min. cuz she would just spit it out. After holding it in her mouth she calmed down and i held her for a few more minutes after i took it out of her mouth and put her back in the crib. Maybe you need to hold the paci for a few minutes.



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