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JEN - May 4

Hi ladies- for those of you who have used the CIO method, exactly what is your routine? How did you start (how long did you let them cry, did you ever pick them up, etc). Also, do you CIO for naps or just at night? I just let my son CIO for the first time for his morning na because he was sooooo tired, but kept fighting his sleep...but it absolutely broke my heart to hear him cry. I put him in his bed and he played for about 10 min, then started to cry. I let him cry for about 10 min. then went in and patted his butt and "shhhhh" him and left. I did this about 3 times until he finally fell asleep. What do you guys think? I feel like I am abandoning him.... : (


Irmony - May 4

My husband and I can't tolerate my son's cry for 5min.


HANNAHs Mom - May 4

It sounds like the CIO method worked well for you! A close friend of mine uses this method also and she told me at times it is extremely difficult, as nobody wants to hear their little ones cry. She would actually sit in her own room and cry as well. Hang in there...I am sure it will get easier.


LisaB - May 4

We use the cio with my ds, I started it at 5 months because he would be so tired but won't sleep unless he was in the car or stroller and at night he'd be until4-7 times, needless to say he was exhausted. Anyway I read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby and for naps it recommends letting them cio for 1 hour we have never had to go that long and at night you let them cry it out indefinetly. I am still up 2x a night to nurse. He eats alot then so am waiting to talk to ped at 6 month appointment before changing that. With my son as long as I catch him when he is first getting tired going to sleep is so easy now. The longest he'll cry is maybe 2-3 minutes. It took about 2 days before we got into a routine and it has made life so much easier!!


Bonnie - May 4

We used CIO based on Mason's doctor's recommendation. Hereis what she had us do word for word....let him cry up to 3 hours (yipes), BUT...check on him every 15 minutes. Make sure he is not wet, hurt, and is okay. Pat him and tell him, "It's okay, go night night." and then leave. Do not pick him up. Do not go in before 15 minutes or later. It may take up to a week to work. .............. Mason screamed the full 3 hours on the first 2 nights where I finally got him up. The third night he was out in an hour, woke up 4 hours later and cried again (same thing) for another hour and crashed again. Fourth night he was out in 15 minutes and slept 11 hours! Every night seince then he cries less than 5 minutes (if at all) and sleeps 10-12 hours. He was 9 weeks old when we started this (we started early due to his weight and eating patterns, 15 pounds 32 ounces per day). I think listening to them cry is the hardest thing I've ever done...much worse than labor. The cries were hysterical. worked well. And that very first morning I got a big ole smile from him and have ever since. No, this method may notbe for everyone, but it does work and no you are not abandoning him. :) Goodluck!


SonyaM - May 4

Yep sounds like you did great. I know it's hard, really hard but sometimes you just don't have a choice. Once you "make" them CIO you kind of have to stick to it. You can't do it for naps but not at night or it will just confuse him. My first son would cry as long as I let him so it didn't work for him. My second son is usually out in about 5-10 minutes. Good Luck.



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