Cio Scare

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ry - February 14

Sorry this is so long but i really need advice! So this morning dd was refusing to take her nap and i could see that she was exhausted. I hate letting her cry it out and rarely do but I think i am really setting myself up for some hard times ahead if i dont start letting her cry and get herself to sleep. Anyways this morning, i kept laying her back down, rubbed her head, etc trying to get her to sleep. It just wasnt working so finally I just walked away and she sat up and screamed hystercially (it broke my heart) but i had to do it. Anyways she stopped crying about 5 minutes later and 15 minutes after that i went in to check on her (if i go in too early and she spots me we have to start all over again). Anyways she was in the most twisted, gruesome looking position half sitting up, half laying down, blankets wrapped all around her, her one arm twisted behing her back and she was wheezing really bad (she's been sick with a bad cold) I freaked out! I felt like she could have easily suffocated herself and i hate doing cio beacuse she doesnt just lay down then, she just kind of passes out wherever and sometimes in very unsafe positions. What else can I do?!!


piratesmermaid - February 14

I hate CIO too!! Gretchen gets so worked up and her nose starts running, tears flowing, then she starts coughing, and choking on her own cry-induced snot!! I don't have any other options for you, I'm sorry. But I understand!!


LisaB - February 14

Cio sucks but it can be very useful. I would advise not to do cio when your lo is sick. I feel for you though it was the hardest and best thing we ever did for our son he goes down to bed and naps now w/o a problem (usually) If he is sick or teething thoug all bets are off.


piratesmermaid - February 14

When do they stop teething though? Gretchen's getting a couple more teeth now.... So really CIO should wait and be done after teething's over? That could be a year old or longer!



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