CIO Teething Question

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JEN - June 15

Ladies- I have been using a sort of "mild" form of CIO for the last few weeks (I will rock him until his eyes start to roll back in his head LOL then put him in his bed- when he wakes in the night I let him fuss as he does not usually cry, and go in after about 10 min and pat him). Anyway, the past few nights he has been waking 4- times SCREAMING. He has been a little fussy in the day, and I am pretty sure it is his teeth. So my question is should I continue not to pick him up, or should I rock him back to sleep until all this passes? I just feel bad cuz he is in pain : ( Oh, and I am giving him motrin before bed already. Sorry so long!


Bree - June 15

I don't know the right thing to do but I'll tell you that a lot of babies around 4-5 months old seem to be doing the same thing. I believe it to be teething. My son gets really grumpy sometimes, then others he's fine but he's starting waking several times at night also. It's frustrating but he usually goes back to sleep w/a little comfort and paci. I was feeding him, but I decided I did not want to get him used to it. I know he can go all night so I quit the middle of the night feedings. I have given him tylenol a few times when he's super cranky. It helps some. Best wishes to you. Teething is a real pain in the ******!


Bonnie - June 15

Mason has been having some teething issues as well Jen. He usually goes down okay but he has been waking up in pain lately. The ped upped the Tylenol dosage for him which really helped. If it gets really bad and I am sure it is pain, then I pick him up for a bit.Luckily, it isn;t everynight so we have been able to mostly stay on schedule. But if he's hurting I don't do any CIO.


JEN - June 15

Thanks girls- I just want to make sure that I am not confusing him by picking him up/rocking sometimes and not others, ya know? We had our 6 month shots last Friday and he was up all night Friday/Saturday ( I rocked him cuz I knew he didn't feel well), but went back to sleeping through or waking only once and falling back on his own for a few nights. Then this whole teething thing started...ahhhh! CIO was just so hard, and I don't want to back track, but I don't want him to feel abandoned when he is in pain either. Ugh- too bad I'm not a mind-reader!



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