CIO With A 7 Month Old

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TinaMarie - June 10

Hi, I have read alot of the threads about cio but most of them seem to be when the baby is 2-5 months old. When my daughter hit 6 months she suddenly stopped sleeping at night. Up till then she would lay in her crib, listen to her mobile and go to sleep on her own. Now she cries and cries and is up all the time. I took her the docs, no ear infections or anything like that. He said that sometimes at 6 months their system just changes and suggested CIO. I have recieved some wonderful advice from Bonnie and know the basics. The problem is that she started crawling and pulling herself into the standing position at 6.5 months. So when I attempt to let her CIO she instantly crawls to the end of the crib, pulls herself up and cruises around the crib, holding on to the sides. (just turned 7 m today) I am so scared she is going to fall and hurt herself. I of course have bumper pads etc in the crib nut they only go up so high. I just seems that when most (I am assuming here, so if I am wrong I apologize) did cio their babies where younger or not yet that mobile. So my question is, is it safe to let her cio it out even though she is standing, etc in the crib. If so how do you do it? So far everytime I go in and she is standing, i lay her down and pat her, if she starts crawling or stands again I leave for a bit. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


TinaMarie - June 10

excuse the typos, I was feeding her and typing one


Bonnie - June 10

lol....I wish I had teh answer for you but as you know, Mason was small. I wish you some sleep though!


TinaMarie - June 10

Thanks Bonnie! Your info was great and so much appreciated! The truest statement in the world is you told me it was harder than labor, it is!!!!!!!


Sarahsmommy - June 10

Ok I have not tried this but I have read babies will change their sleeping habits when they are going through something developmentle like this. She may be having a problem because she knows how to get up and not back down, you may have to work with her a few weeks until she gets past this.


Bonnie - June 10

Bear in mind that when Mason is 7 months I may be coming to YOU for advice! :D


C - June 10

I doubt she'll be able to get out of the crib at 7 months. Once my son started to pull himself up I took out the bumper pads and mobile. They are safety hazards for them at this stage. I always set a limit to the CIO method. When my son would wake up in the middle of the night I would ignore him for 5-10 minutes. After that I would nurse him and change his diaper. Then I'd lay him down and let him cry for 5-10 minutes again. He never lasts longer than the 10 minutes so I'm not sure what I would do in your situation. My son went through stages of not sleeping through the night. I think sometimes if he doesn't eat enough during the day or if he's not feeling well it changes his routine. Hopefully your little guy will be back to normal soon.


hello - June 11

once they learn a new trick it can be hard as they tend to do it in their crib... mine did it all first in there, rolled sat up etc... i have done it all with my baby, patting her, falling asleep on my shoulder , the works and just to let u know they change all the time. I had an angel, i have one again, for a while i had a baby who would stand up crying when it was time for sleep... Dont bother going in cause when u lay them down they get back up, sadly i have seen that when she is tired and if she has to cio she eventually goes from standing to sitting, sitting to the head going down til eventually she falls asleep.... i dont like the cio method but being on my own sometimes i need to do it, lately she has been just playing then crashing... thats my advice, hope it helps.... by the way your baby wont fall out....


TinaMarie - June 11

Thank you everyone for the wonderful advice, but please see the "I am soooo stupid" thread....I think we have a



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