Circumcision And HIV

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Brittany - February 22

I know this is a huge debate, whatever, I just figured some might be interested.


Brittany - February 22

take out dashes


srigles - February 22

LMAO, that's too funny bradylove.... I never even picked up on that.... loser that I am.... :)


Rabbits07 - February 23

I had seen a study similar to this not too long ago and to be honest I am skeptical about the findings. The last paragraph states: ---In the Kenyan study, 1,391 circ_mcised men were compared to 1,393 who were not. And in Uganda, 2,474 circ_mcised men were compared to 2,522 men who were not. Scientists tracked the men for two years and found that those who were circ_mcised were 51-60 percent less likely to contract HIV. ---- So, I have to wonder what kind of control exactly was used in this study? I mean, did they say, okay, this half will have unprotected s_x with someone HIV+ and this half will too and we'll see who gets it? I mean, really the only way to to do a truly bona fide research study on this matter would be to control who these men are having s_x with and I just don't see that happening. How do they know that the men who didn't contract HIV even had s_x with someone HIV+? To me there is just too much that is uncontrollable in a study like that. Aside from that fact I hope no teenage boys read those findings on the internet and get the idea in their head that they can go have unprotected s_x just because they are circ_mcised.


mcatherine - February 23

Circ_mcise, not circ_mcised - doesn't matter. There are only two effective ways for a man to protect himself from contracting HIV. Abstinence and condoms. Nothing else should even be considered.


jas - February 23

bingo mcatherine


Kara H. - February 23

OMG - this thrad was right next to the Can Opener thread and my sleepy morning eyes thought I was reading one t_tle and it really freaked me out!! LMAO!



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