Circumcision Anyone

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Undecided - May 10

Is anyone still circ_msizing? I know it has its risks. I hear stories of men having to get it done when they are adults because of infections and more. Whats your opinion?


Melissa - May 10

I have 3 boys and all are circ_msized. We have had no problems with it. Not having it done it becoming more and more popular. It is just a personal choice that we decided on. Also, my husband felt it important for his boys to look like him and for all of them to look like each other.


... - May 10

I have no problem with circ_mcision. Whether it is done seems to have more to do with religion than much else anymore. If I have a son, he will be circ_mcised.


Lisa - May 10

I never had my son circ_mcised, never saw the point in having it done. There is no evidence to prove that it is necessary


SC - May 11

My son is circ_msized but of course it was a decision my husband and I made together. It is up to the parents whether or not to circ_msize. Personally I find it better to get it done while they are babies and wont remember the pain rather than wait till they are adults and make them suffer. Its more sanitary in the long run. BUt like I said, it is a personal decision to be made by the parents. Good Luck


Emma - May 15

After doing a lot of research , we chose not to circ_mcize our son.There is always going to be myths about it being more sanitary and they won't be as prone to infection, but that is simply not true. If you teach your child the importence of cleaning the foreskin, infection should never be a concern. We spoke to 3 Dr's ,2 nurses, the internet, and a heathlink. If anything they are more prome to infection after the procedure is done, you're exposing raw skin. They still have to pee, and it hurts them. Maybe they won't remember it, but they're can be a lot of problems when they get older. They can cut too much off, and then they will have an erectile dysfunction, but will not know until they hit puberty. They can not cut enough off and they will need to do it again when they're done growing.The stats in my city which is Calgary, Alberta, Canada are that only about 60-65% of people still circ_mcize, including the families who do it for religiouis or cultural beliefs. I also watched a procedure on the internet, and they don;t use freezing or anything like that anymore, and I really didn;t feel it neccessary to put my son through that just because it's the trend. Always make informed decisions when it comes to your chidren.


monica - May 17

my husband is circ_mcised and so was my first son. I am pregnant again with a second son and he will be circ_mcised as well.


Anne - May 24

More and more people are seeing that this is an unnecessary, and painful procedure, with no health benefits, and thankfully it is gradually falling out of fashion. No medical a__sociation in the world recommends it. If the foreskin is left completely alone to develop naturally, it is very unlikely that a man would need to be circ_mcised as an adult - Europeans (who have almost nil infant circ_mcision) have an adult circ_mcision rate of about 1 in 18,000, (medically necessary procedures only)


Jessica - May 28

I dont know anyone who isnt circ_msizing their babies. It is a wise decision to do so. I does save from infections.


Anne, - May 29

No, it's down to about 37% in the Western states and falling all over the US. It's a damaging cosmetic operation, and parents who care really do not do it any more. Parents should really research this before they inflict it on their sons, and preferrably go and watch one. It's more horrific than you could ever imagine.


Lisa - May 30

I live in Australia. When i gave birth to my son 10 years ago, there was no discussion about circ_mcision, they automatically 'a__sumed' that 'most' parents wouldn't circ_mcise their son. I didnt feel it was my right to do this to him anyway. There is a definite decline in the number of boys being done now and i hope that eventually most parents won't even consider doing this in the very near future unless there is a medical reason. I think it is cla__sified as 'cosmetic' surgery nowadays.


Rosa - May 30

My husband wants to circ_mcise or baby boy when he is born. I personally don't want it, I don't want to cause my baby any pain.


SweetNurse - June 2

Circ_mcision is a COSMETIC surgery. It is not medically necessary. Even the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) no longer reccommends it. Why must a son's p___s resemble his fathers? Why must this come at the expense of losing 30% of s_xual sensation. The foreskin has the nerve density of the female c___toris. I am secure in knowing I am able to teach my son about personal hygiene, instead of having a healthy, functional piece of his p___s removed in case he won't know how to clean it correctly. Sure, it's a personal choice, one that should be left up to the owner of the p___s. My baby is coming to me perfect and whole, I see no reason to alter him to make his p___s "look better" in the eyes of the superficial western civilization we live in.


lilmum - June 3

i had my son circ_msized. I left the decision up to my husband, as i don't have a p___s, and he does. They DID use freezing, and my son didn't even notice it. It never seemed to bother him. His bellyb___ton/cord healing bothered him more, if at all. They didn't actually remove any skin, they only cut it and pulled it down. It was very easy to take care while healing and it did so really quickly. If i am having another boy this time, i will definately have it done again. My husband and I did discuss the pro's and con's and did our research. We also spoke to a few close friends that have had the procedure done as teenagers and adults (we know three) and decided this was best. My doctor also explained that the foreskin does not naturally seperate and require cleaning until boys are 4-6 years old, and by then, we're hoping our son can bathe himself and enjoy his privacy.


hbmw - June 3

did you know that removing the external genitalia of women reduces the risk of yeast infections by 10%? most men find the look of a circ_mcised female to be much more attractive than a female with labia. also cleaning *down there* is a lot harder if the girl isnt circ_mcised. so yea, i plan on having all my children, male or female, circ_mcised. and besides, if boys were meant to have foreskins, they'd be born with one, right? oh, wait a second. . . .


P - June 3

holy hbmw!!! I had to read that one twice!! lol I missed the sarcasm the first go-round. Point very well made.


klm - June 3

I am leaving the choice up to my husband, he has a p___s so I feel he is better qualified. However my good friend didn't have her little boy circ_msized and he has constant infections, poor little guy! I know you have to be alot more thorough when cleaning and diapering an uncirc_msized baby.



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