Circumcision Foreskin Healed To Tip

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JenniferB - March 14

Today as I changed my 6 month old I noticed that the foreskin had healed to the end of his p__s. It was all healed and fine. Unfortunately, I never wear my glasses when I change him and I hadn't noticed it before. It is just along the top and seperate underneath. A friend told me to give him a warm bath to see if I could separate it. It was healed too much to do that. I feel so guilty for not noticing it sooner. I mean I change and bathe him every day. It just wasn't vey noticable. My poor baby. Do any of you have any experience with this? I will call his doctor tomorrow. He wasn't in today.


ds1970 - March 14

Yes, something similar happened to my son, who is now almost 14 months old. I forget exactly when it happened, maybe when he was about 9 months old or so. I was SO upset as well. I felt terrible for not noticing it!!! I actually didn't even notice it...the pediatrician did at one of his visits. I don't want to freak you out, but she had to separarte it for him, and my LO pitched a screaming FIT. It only took a few seconds to kind of roll it back again. I think it bled a tiny bit, and it was red and swollen for a couple of days...we just had to keep it "lubrictaed" with A&D every time we changed him. I was beside myself with guilt!! I was also a little p__sed that no one bothered to tell us that you're supposed to be pulling the foreskin back ALL THE WAY BACK at least once a day to avoid this. I had no idea!! Anyway, it healed up fine in a few days, but now LO hates the pediatrician!! (I can't say I blame him!!) Don't feel too bad...apparently no one bothered to tell you to pull it back either...seems like info we should have been given somewhere along the line, right? Hope this helped! Good luck!


JenniferB - March 14

No, nobody told me to do anything to it. My three year old never had any problem so it never even occured to me that I should be doing anything. Your poor son. I hate the thought of putting him through that. :( Someone told me that they can use cream to numb it. I hope they do that for him if that is what they are going to do. Thanks for the reply ds1970.


Carla - March 14

Hi, My ds had the same thing.....Thedr actually caught it and said she can fix it but he will cry so she pulled the skin all the way back and he cried!! Now once a day i pull back the skin until you can see a dark red rim..If you dont see that rim u didnt push it back far enough.......Hope this helps...He will be ok just make sure to get over to the dr. Good luck


Lala - March 14

I am confused. If he was circ_mcised, why does he have foreskin? ***hope all works out well for your lo! Normally, you are told to leave the un-circ_msed fore-skin alone, and not to pull it back until boys are older and it can retract on it's own. Then you need to start cleaning there.


LollyM - March 14

gee, I have a girl, but I always thought about how clueless I would be with a boy! lol. I'm sure that is a mistake I would have made as well. good luck with ds, and I hope they don't have to traumatize him too much! =)


JenniferB - March 14

When they circ_mcize they don't take all of the foreskin, it is supposed to just heal where it was cut but it attatched to the tip instead of healing where it should have. Thanks ladies for the info. My sil just told me that her pediatrician told her to leave her son's alone and it would detatch itself. It did a little but not all the way.


ash2 - March 14

You do have to continue to pull back the foreskin after it is circ_msized. This happened to DS as well but i caught it before it was too late.


Perl - March 14

At one of our visits to the pediatrician, the Dr showed me that there was a very thin white ring of dead skin cells around the p___s tip and told me to remove it with a wipe or washcloth during his next bath. That's another thing I wish I had been told. I mean how long had he had these dead skin cells around his p___s?! I can't be expected to instinctively know how to clean a p___s. I told Dr. and my dh they both should have told me before. Now every bath I gently pull back the skin and clean fully under the rim. I guess now there are two good reasons to check.


JenniferB - March 16

We are going to the doctor at 3 today. The doctor told me he may be able to pull it back. I am so scared for him. I hope it is over quick and as painless as possible.


JenniferB - March 16

Well, my awesome doctor told me exactly what he was going to do with my permission. He told me he might cry, then I would, and then he (the doctor) would. lol. I put Jacob down and stroked his hands and talked to him. He was smiling and talking and I was waiting for the scream when the doctor said, "done." The baby SMILED through it. I couldn't believe it! It is separated. He told me to put vaseline on it every time I change him to keep it happening again. The poor kid will have a gob of vaseline on his little part until he is two to avoid this again. I am so relieved. Thanks ladies for your help.


luviduvi - March 16

My aunt was the one who told me to do this. My ped never told me, my mom had all girls and so did my sisters. Thank God for my aunt. I am always tugging at my ds wee-wee. I remember when I first found out I was having a boy. I was terrified at the idea of taking care of a p___s. TERRIFIED! I kept asking my dh questions and he plainly thought I was a lunitic and to this day 5 mths later, I ask questions like, "ooh, if he's laying like that doesn't it hurt? Do I have to point it in a certain direction to put the diaper on?" But, for the most part they aren't scary, just tricky!



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