Circumcision Healing

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name - December 5

My ds is 3 weeks old and was circ yesterday. He is in so much pain, he screams non stop and is sometimes inconsolable. I have to hold him 24/7, it's hard to even go use the bathroom. My poor baby screams so bad, I know it hurts him terribly. I hate having to pull the foreskin back and rub vasaline on the head, I hate hurting him. If I knew it was gonna be this painful for him I wouldn't have gotten it done. How long will this last? Did your ds go through this as well?


bl - December 5

Both of my sons had it done within the first few days after birth. They didn't have any reaction to it at all. I wonder if the age has anything to do with it. I never touched it either while it was healing. I just put vasoline on top of it w/ out ever pulling back the foreskin. It healed within a few days. Good luck. Oh, my friend who's son isn't circ_msized and is 2 y.o. had an infection under his foreskin. all I could think was thank goodness I circ. my boys. He was in so much pain that he couldn't sit, And yes, she's a very responsible mom!!


CWeber - December 6

Actually my son was done at almost 2 months of age. I was worried because it was so late (hubby and I debated it for some time) but it was quite simple. He was a bit sore the first day but great by day 2. I didn't pull back the skin at all or clean it unless there was poop on it. Othewise I just coated it with vasaline and left it for the first 5-6 days. If he is still hurting by day 3 you might want to get it looked at.


JerseyGirl - December 6

I'd definitely get it looked at. Who did it? A doctor? And why did they tell you to pull the foreskin back???? After my son's (which was done by a mohel because we're Jewish, so it was done on my son's 8th day of life), all we had to do was put the Polysporin (or whatever he told us to use) on a large gauze pad and place it triangularly over the p___s inside the diaper, and to make sure the diaper was fastened pretty tightly. My DS never cried from it. Defintely have it looked at. Hopefully whoever did it didn't do a botch job.


lin7604 - December 6

i had my son done at 2 months as well, it was that long of a waiting time! He was upset for a day or two and that was it. I was also told not touch it, just put polysp___n on it every diaper change. He seemed fine with it and didn't cry when we had to put oplysp___n on it at all. NOw though i have to putt hte skin back every once in awhile to clean it, his ped told me to do so as his skin is puffy there adn kinda hides it sometimes.


jessne - December 6

I'm wondering why you have to pull the foreskin back. When you get circ_msied they remove the foreskin. My son is 2 weeks old and I was told just to put vaseline one his diaper. He has healed well, with no problems.


lin7604 - December 7

i'm guess that maybe he has the public fat adn you need to pull the rest down in order to get to the head of the p___s to put vaseline on it. my ds has that problem..


name - December 8

Yes Lin, he's got that fatty spot in his lower abdomen which causes his p___s to hide, that's why I have to pull it back. I took him to the doc, it turns out he has gas, and that's what is causing him to scream and cry.


lin7604 - December 9

ahhhh, poor litte guy! My ds didn't have too big a problem with gas, thank goodness but i hope the public fat resides as they get older? My ped said most of the time it does and not to worry as he has enough lenght but it worries me still. My ds's has reduced some what as he is 13 months now and thinned out a lot but it's still hidden half of the time?


name - December 9

idk. I was worried that he'd have some kind of p___s deformity, or a very small p___s, but the doc says that it will be normal when he gets older.


kristie h - December 11

My son is 10 weeks and i had him done when he was 3 weeks i also have had my older son done. I did not pull my DS "puppy fat" back at all, all i was told to do was put bethadine on it and bath him in warm salt water. I would not pull the "puppy fat skin" back until your LO has had his checkup. I was told at my DS check up to pull the skin back from then on (2-3 weeks after surgery) By the way....The skin that covers the p___s after circ_mcision is not foreskin, they have "puppy fat" on their pelvis bone which pushes the p___s skin forward so its really called "puppy fat skin". They will have this until they reach toddler hood as that is when they loose their puppy fat. You will find you will have to pull back the "puppy fat" on the p___s to only clean around the edge of the head of the p___s as this fills up with thick white mucous all i use is a cotton tip but i would not do this until you have had your DS check up.


DownbutnotOUT - December 11

Name I used gauze and would put a loney size dap of vaseline on it and put it on his p___s than the diaper over it, I had to do this for 7 days before I felt it was doing any good. I had my 1st son done at 3 days of age in 2001 and he screamed and screamed (he turned into a different baby that day) anyway it bled too and was so angryand red looking. LIN7604 and NAME about the inverted p___s or the hiding peepee this happened with my 1st as well. he was a chubby baby and my family dr told me he had seen it before and not to worry too much about it. My son is now 6 and is p___s is very much an outtie now, it started comming out when he was about 16 months. My son is very tall and slender, his p___s came out the time he started getting skinnier, and he still has some fat on the cod piece as me and DH call it. Anyway his cric_mcision was done wrong and left 25% skin behind but other than that he is perfectly normal and every month he gets older the more his p___s starts to come out. because of this i didnt have my other 2 sons done. Anyway dont worry it just takes time :)


DownbutnotOUT - December 11

I mean every month that goes by his p___s gets bigger *sorry if tmi* I just want you to know that it gets bigger as the fat on the cod part goes away and as he ages.


lin7604 - December 11

thanks i won't worry so much then. it was after the dr told me that i looked onine ( big mistake) adn they showed guys as adults that still had innies andthen i was worried.


newbabyras - December 13

Hi - my ped waited until my ds was 2 weeks too. He gave us the same recommendation as Jessne - we slathered a huge glop of vasaline on the DIAPER - which was so much nicer since then we didn't have to try to keep a small amount on his little target. It did take about a week to heal, but it never seemed to bother him. I would call your doctor though, as it sounds like there might be something else if he's in that much pain 24/7


name - December 19

Thanks ladies. DownbutnotOUT what does 'fat on the cod' mean? LIn, what did you google in order to see those pics? Oh and UPDATE: it wasn't the circ that was causing him so much pain, it was GAS; he's got colic!!! The skin started to grow back a lil bit and the doc had to pull it apart but other than that it's fine. THANKFULLY.


lin7604 - December 20

i just googled infant circ_mcisions or hidden p___s's i think and it brought up a few sites.



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