Circumcision Not Done Correctly

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Maryann - January 7

My son was circ_mcised about 6 weeks ago and it seemed to heal pretty quickly. But starting a couple of weeks ago, we've been noticing that the "head" of my son's p__s is being "swallowed" by the foreskin, as if the doctor did not cut off enough of the skin. The hole seems to get smaller and smaller. I asked the ped. what he thought last week and he said it looked fine and that the baby will grow into it, but I'm worried that it will close up and cause problems for him. I guess it's called "penile adhesion". Have any of you experienced this? If so, is it something to worry about at this time?


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 7

Lucas healed up right away, and never had any issues, but I do notice that happening sometimes. Some days it sems slightly swollen, and other days not. Doesn't seem to affect him. The docs always say he looks fine, so I'm not sure.


newmom - January 7

Maryann...did you show it to his doc?? pls do it coz that what happened to my son and he had to go through surgery again..Did you just asked his ped or took your son to him?? pls keep posted..i don't want your son to go through the pain my son went i hate that doc who did his circ_mcision..i still cannot forget my son's face when he went through that pain when they cut that swallon part..pls make sure it's normal.


Liz - January 7

My 4 month old son's p___s tends to get "swallowed" in when it's cold. Walking from the bedroom to the bath it gets cold and goes in but as soon as he gets into the water, it pops back out.


Tammy - January 7

Maryann- My son's is the same way. His doctor said the same thing your doctor said. My husband was freaked out when he saw it. My other son didn't have this. The doctor looked at it and said that it will work itself out. Until it does I have to pop the head out (sounds so perverted) and clean it really well. He said if you don't they can get adhesions or an infection on th head. I think I liked having a girl.


maryann - January 7

The doc actually did see it and sad that my son was one of the males that just didn't get enough foreskin removed but that it looked fine. I'm seeing the doc again next Friday and will discuss it with him again. I did a lot of online research and it did say that it's normal and that it will eventually start coming out on it's own when he's about 1 year old. But I'll make sure next week. I don't want him going thru surgery again, UGH!


Jennifer - January 7

Hi Maryann, I am new at this, my son is only 4 weeks, but I have noticed that sometimes I see alot of the head and sometimes it's like it sinks down inside. It goes back and forth between the two. I asked my husband if it was normal, he said yes. I figure he has had a p___s for 29 years so he ought to know. But if your son's is like that all the time, maybe you should get a second opinion.


mama-beans - January 8

Oohh ugh... this is why I'm not getting my boy circ_msized!!! good luck to you mommies! Sounds scary!


me - January 8

hi maryann...what you wrote sounds word for word just like my son. My son is now almost 7 months but ever since the day he was circ_mcised(day after he war born) its always looked he was never circ_mcised at all...and the skin swallows his p___s and i always have to push the skin wasy back to clean it...and ever since i saw it after it healed...i asked his ped and she said it looks fine and then i asked again and it was "perfectly normal" and that babies have a lot of fat there and he'll eventually grow into it. She ALSO TOLD ME that they started leaving more skin on becasue something or another about its been studied and later on in life when they have anerection that it wont be so tight...and she promised me that it wouldnt look like that as he started he "grow into it"


Kathryn - January 9

Nathan's does the exact same thing. Doctor said to just push it back down at diaper changes and put neosporin on it because it will cause it to bleed. It will get dirty, so make sure to keep it clean.


Rowan - January 9

Just a thought.........I remember in school there was only one boy who wasn't circ_mcised (boys locker room jokes formed around him), and they told all the girls about his "anteater." No girls wanted to date him and even made fun of him because of this. I just think that's really wrong, but we have grown-up in a world where it's just more socially acceptable to be circ_mcised. I trully believe that this boy's life was affected by this. I think it's tough for young boys if they don't look like everyone one wants to be different. And, I hear it's much more painful to get the procedure when you are older. I'm not saying that this is right, it's just sometimes how things are. On a different note, my nephew had the same thing happen to him and you have to make sure that the skin still stays loose around it, otherwise it can fuse together again. That's what happened to him and it had to be pulled back (ouch). Good luck!


missy - January 9

this is normal, my son had it also. I just had to keep pushing the skin back. he is now 3 and its fine!!!!


maryann - January 9

The problem is that I can't even pull it back all. I keep having nightmares about my son having to go through it all again. I can't wait to see the ped again on Friday to discuss it with him. Everyone who has seen it says it was done wrong. My poor baby!!


jg - January 9

You've just convinced me to not get my son done. Hope your little lamb is okay.


billie - January 10

My son had a p___s adhesion and I felt really bad about it because it was my fault... sort of. When I got my son circ_msized nobody told me that I had to pull his foreskin back every now and then to make sure that it didn't grow back into the head. At his 6 month app., the doctor told me that he had an adhesion and just pulled the skin back! (without any pain med.) I know that it hurt my son was in alot of pain. Then today I had to go back because when she pulled it apart last time, she missed a spot. Luckily he didn't cry this time and I don't think it affected him as much since it was such a small part. My advise to all mother's of a circ_msized boy is to pull that skin back!!!! ( and also use vaseline to make sure that it doesn't stick!!)


KrYstaL - January 10

Neither one of my boys are circ_msized and i don't think that they even do it at the hospital's up here.


maryann - January 10

Billie, my husband just told me the same thing, that we were probably supposed to pull it back when we cleaned it, but NOBODY told me to do it, and we saw so many docs and nurses but they didn't mention it at all. After the circ_mcision, the nurse told me there wasn't anything special to do once the ring fell off and I even made sure of it by asking her over and over. This is our first baby so we were clueless. Even books I read didn't mention it at all, so I feel like it's my fault too.



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