Circumcision Question

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Sin - December 9

Okay.. my son was circ_mcised when he was born, I have noticed that the doctor who did the surgery missed a piece of skin that now just hangs off to the side of his p__s. I brought this up to his doctor and he says oh its fine.. if its a problem he can have it fixed when he is a teenager. Im like omg. What teenage boy is going to tell his parents he needs his p__s fixed.. or even want to go in and have the skin removed. I think its going to seriously effect his self esteem and s_xuality when he becomes a man. You might think im getting ahead of myself as he is only 2 1/2months.. but i think it is a problem. Another thing is, his p__s seems to go back up into the skin.. like an inverted nipple does. The doctor says just push the skin back. This doctor is a man.. it bothers me that this doesnt bother him and he doesnt seem to wanna fix it. He says it will grow out.. but the skin hangs off.. its only a small piece and you can see where it could be cut off and made to look normal. Am I overreacting? I dont really wanna put him through the pain of it again but Id prefer to have it done where he cant remember it. I also dont want him to have a complex about having a deformation on his p__s when hes older. Should i get a second opinion or demand that he fix it now? Im really upset by it and could use the advice of other mothers. Thanks!


Chelsey - December 9

Absolutely, get a second opinion! If it needs to be fixed, better to do it now, than when he is too old and embarra__sed to ask! The procedure wont be as bad as the origional circ_mcision, I would think.


Bonnie - December 9

I agree, definately get a second opinion.


TC - December 9

Yeah, get a second opinion and really try to get it fixed now. I think the earlier the surgery is done the better.


KrisD - December 9

I know this is such a contoversial issue... We also had our son circ_msiced and don't like the way it looks. We are going to see a urologist next week for a 2nd opinion. The pediatrician recommended him. I would definitely get an opinion from a specialist. Let me know if you want more info or my email....


Shelly - December 9

I am with Chelsey.I think you are right with your concerns.Poor baby!!!


Brittany - December 9

I'd get a few opinions. My son's p___s is circ_msized and does the inverted nipple thing when hes cold or in the tub. My husbands also does it so I don't think thats too big of a problem. On my son's p___s, it seems to have some extra skin under the head but now that hes over a year old, sometimes he gets little errections and it grows so much that the extra skin is gone. Maybe that will happen to your son. If you feel iffy about it though, def. get it handled. It's not fair that the dr. didn't do a good job the first time. Poor little guy if he has to go through it again. Good luck though, I hope I've helped a bit.


Sin - December 9

Thank you all for your responses. I will be calling the doctor about this on monday.. I dont think they are open tomorrow.. but anyhow, yeah I didnt think it was right and you all confirmed exactly what I was thinking. I didnt want to overreact if this was something that is "normal" like the doctor said.. but the extra skin that hangs off is on the side like it was missed completely. You can pull it out and it stretches out. It doesnt bother the baby at all. But it bothers me Its big enough that I see it everytime I change him. I know it would take 2 seconds to correct. I just hope he doesnt b__w me off this time. He seems like a really good doctor. He even talked to me about PPD. I'm just really disappointed by this.


Mama2wanna - December 10

My son had problems with his circ_mcision and I soooo reccommend having a different doctor look at it. You may even want to consult with a urologist. The sooner you get it fixed the better!!!!!



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