Cleaning Pacifiers

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amanda17 - January 29

This morning I was about to give dd a pacifier and noticed there was mold on the inside of it... Like where the water gets in when you wash it. Of course I'm not giving it to her in that condition, so I'm wondering if there's a way to clean the inside of pacifiers or do I need to throw it out?


Kiersten - January 30

Toss it. I'm not sure what's the trick to not getting some water in there when you clean them, but squeezing what water I can out of it before I let it dry seems to help. "They" say to replace pacifiers every three months, but honestly I haven't done that either. :)


stefkay - January 30

I don't know what brand you have but my dd will only take the MAM pacifiers and they always get water in the nipple part when washing (and soap!) so if you run it under the faucet and squeeze the nipple while sucking water in and squirting it out it gets the soap and water out. There are small opening somewhere on the side opposite the nipple where the water is getting in so you just have to find it and suck water in through there and squirt it out by squeezing the nipple like a bulb syringe. I HATE washing the things! lol...


mahagen - January 30

Yea you will want to toss that binky which I am sure you already did. I use the Playtex brands and love those! They don't get much water in them and I have tried to use the Nuk brand because my daughter is 2 yrs old and I wanted to get her a bigger binky and that one got old in like 1 month. It got water in it and the binky got really sticky. She doesn't use it all day just mainly nap and bed time but sometimes she wants it during the day but I try to keep it up. Nuk wasn't my favorite at all. Like stefkay said just try to squeeze out all the water and soap you can to help it last longer.


amanda17 - January 30

Thanks, and yes I did throw it out. I had no idea they even had an expiration date haha. Usually when I wash them water doesn't get in because I am aware of where the hole is... Well, it's more like a slot. So I just avoid washing that part under a faucet and occasionally wipe it with a wet cloth instead. DF was apparently not aware that any water got in it at all. When he saw the mold he asked how mold could get on the inside I explained it to him and he gave me this look like "Water gets in there?!" So I a__sume that's how the mold got in lol. I'll be sure to replace the pacifiers I have, they really need to be thrown away :)



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