Clear Breastmilk

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Linneah - February 13

Does anyone know what this means. I have been pumping for about a week and today its has been very light colored, not the normal thick colored. I threw it away because I dont know if thats any good. Please help, thanks.


olivia - February 13

b___stmilk changes a lot in color. If you were really full, maybe you just had a lot of the watery first milk. Your b___st milk will always be ok -- even if it is green! It changes all the time.


Jamie - February 13

Your b___stmilk today reflects what you ate yesterday. It's normal to be anywhere in color from white to blue to green, and can even take on different smells - one of the most noticeable is an "egg" smell. Just make sure you pump until the b___st is completely empty, so that you are getting the rich hindmilk in addition to the thinner foremilk. I find that I have to ma__sage my b___st while pumping, or I can't empty it all the way.


Heidi - February 13

When I get really full, or the first two times I pump during the day, it's watery. That's totally normal. That's the foremilk. It contains a lot of water. Shortly after, your hindmilk will come and it's really rich and more yellow. That's the good stuff but you need to have both! It comes out in that order for a reason.


tiffani - February 13

It could also be due to any new medications you're taking. I took some OTC sinus medicine and noticed that when I was pumping it looked like water. I stopped the medication immediately (and suffered through a horrible sinus infection) and my supply went back to normal. :o)


Linneah - February 13

thank you guys for your input


April - February 13

I'll second Olivia. It sounds like it was the watery foremilk. Food reaches your milk in an average (and this is only an average) of about 4-6 hours, but it can reach your milk as soon as one hour or take as long as twenty-four hours.



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