Clingy Baby

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jb - March 12

How long will our lo's be clingy?? My dd is 13 months and I can't even THINK about leaving the room without her having a hissy fit! I know she will be clingy to me to some extent for the rest of her life, but how long before she can handle me going pee by myself?!?!?!


DANI - March 12

I hear ya! geez, my 14 mo. old ds is very clingy at times. i can't even pee without him. lol. not too sure when it ends but would like to know.


jessb - March 12

OH dear god our dd's must be twins. :o) Too many similarities to count! I dont have an answer, but I know how you feel. I cant even go to the bathroom without her crying hysterically at the door until I come out. She wants me all the time. My dh gets upset b/c while she crying hysterically if I leave her sight for even a second he is sitting on the ground with her toys trying to get her to play with him. If Im not home she is fine with him but the minute I walk in its mom, mom, mom and he might as well have disappeared. I dont know what to do!! One thing I have tried and it seems to help a little is not to pick her up so much. Even if she is crying for me to hold her unless she 's really tired or sick or something I try to take a toy and sit down and play with her and distract her with it. Sometimes it works. Have you tried that?


jb - March 12

Hi Jess, yeah I have tried the toy and using it as a distraction. It does seem to work but as you know, it is still frustrating! Our lo's are exactly the same! My dd will play so nice with my dh, then I come home and WAHHHHHHHH, I want my mommy!!!! I hope by the time she is 2 that things die down. I am due with our second child in November. What did I get myself!!!!!!


Samantha1 - March 12

my daughter is 7 months old and shes like that very clingy she dont even want me to put her down while she is sleeping that is why we have to do the whole cio thing


CyndiG - March 12

I hate to say, but my dd is 8 and I still have to say, "I'll be out in a minute, shut the door!" LOL!


in the woods - March 13

Approximately to 16-18 months. My kids stopped caring if I was leaving the room at that age.


DeeJay - March 13

my dd (61/2 mo) is like that and my dh doesn't understand why I can't get anything done. He just says she'll stop crying in a min. But if she spots me she starts right back up again. So I have to sneak around the house so she doesn't see me!!!! I refuse to take her in the bath room with me, I need one room that is private!!! She doesn't cry as much with other people, just for mommy, which is nice, but..................Hopefully she becomes more independant soon.


jwhite - March 13

my mom babysat this weekend for a few hours and almost the whole time we were gone she said my dd cried. Whenwe got home she had her asleep in her arms rocking her and no cloths so of course we had to get her dressed to go to bed so she woke up and she cried at first but then when she focused and saw it was me she got so happy and was up until very late. Will I ever be able to go out again with my husband???


jessb - March 13

jb, I knew you were ttc but I didnt know that you were pregnant! That was fast :o) Congrats!! I think after dd turns 2 I will go off of the pill. I want another right now but I just works soooo hard to lose 25 pounds that I cant even think of getting fat again LOL!


jb - March 13

Jess, I was so bad....I didn't even care about the weight I was SUPPOSED to lose!!! I knew we were going to ttc when Bridget was about 1 year old. I went off the pill and BOOM...I was pregnant!! I really started to freak out when I got the 'pregnant' sign on the stick. It's weird, even though I wanted/want another baby it scared me to think I am going to have 2 clingy babies demanding my attention!!! I was thinking 'what did I get myself into!!!' I guess the timeing of Bridget being REALLY clingy and me getting the bfp was bad!!! None the less, dh and I are happy and excited. I sure hope these 40 weeks....well about 35 now...will go fast!



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