Clogged Tear Duct Remedy

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SusanS - July 11

What has worked best for your child and the fastest? I know its nothing to worry about, but it breaks my heart to see my DD eye like that, it just looks painful. Thanks in advance!


sahmof3 - July 11

My #'s 2 & 3 both had this in one eye each. I was shown how to ma__sage it with a washcloth 2-3x/day. For my daughter it didn't work and she eventually had to have surgery when she was 15 mos. for it, but for my son it did work and cleared up pretty quickly (within a few weeks). My heart goes out to you, it's so hard to see them like that!


Christine - July 11

My son who is now 7 months has this as well. We have been unsuccessful at the ma__saging, we just constantly wipe away the goo. It is hard to see them like this. I wonder is it painful? I hate to sound dumb but I never thought it to be painful just a pain the rear for him. I have some friends that have 3 kids and all 3 had this goo and all 3 had to have the surgery. I wish it would just go away on its own but he's had it since birth and it hasn't gotten any better. Sometimes it is so bad then others I sometimes think it is clearing up then back to real bad goo. Sorry I wasn't much help, but I can relate!!! Wish you the best with this!


olivia - July 11

If you are nursing b___stmilk seems to help. You just rub a little in the corner when ma__saging the duct. I have heard this works very well! Hopefully as your baby grows the duct will stetch and open more so you can avoid the surgery. Many babies it clears up after the first 8 months if not sooner. Good luck.


Bonnie - July 11

I worked for a ped ophthalmologist for a long time. It's not painful but I can imagine it is annoying. As the other's said, a warm wascloth over the eyes and a gentle ma__sage in the corners can help. I don't know about the b___stmilk, I have heard of that rumor a lot. Personally I would be hesitant to use something like that and have it go into the tear ducts. I could imagine you run a chance fo infection, but just my 2 cents on that one. I know the doc never mentioned it. Maybe call your ped first on that one to see what he says. Most of the time this clears up on it's own. If you are really concerned, call your ped and he'll let you know if it needs to be looked at further at this point. :)


Heather - July 11

My pedi gave me some eyedrops to put in his eyes and it cleared up within a few days. I also ma__saged it. Good Luck!


HannahBaby - July 11

THE MASSAGE DOES WORK!! We ma__saged my daughters tear duct since birth and it finally opened at 9 months ( 3 weeks before her appt with the surgon!!) It takes time. Ive never heard of the b___st milk thing. (except for pink eye)


olivia - July 11

So the b___stmilk does sound odd, but it is a commonly used treatment. It won't cause an infection. It has antibacterial properties and is commonly applied to babies eyes for clogged ducts. I am not saying it will definately work, but it won't hurt. My dad is an ophthalmologist and I know doctors never recommend the natural treatments, but I also know that it won't hurt or be the cause of an infection. And hey, it might even help out until the baby grows enough to clear the duct. Other than that, the drops work great. They will keep they eye clear after one day of use. Then you'll just have to pick a time to stop using them to check if the problem has sorted itself out or not. Not all doctors will give drops for a clogged duct. They do enter the babies entire system and doctor's are cutting back on prescribing them. So check with your ped. on that one. Good luck.


Christy - July 11

I used lukewarm chamomile tea on a cotton ball and gently ma__saged the tuct with it. It seemed to help. The crusty eye cleared up before he turned two months.


JAI - July 11

After ma__saging everyday constantly my sons was perfect by 4 months.


SusanS - July 11

I heard of the b___stmilk (unfortunately, I am not nursing) and I have also heard about chamomile. My doctor said to use saline solution, if the symptoms persist I will discuss with her the option of the drops. She said that she would not refer me to an optomologist until she reaches 6 months. She is presently 6.5 weeks. I appreciate all of your input, if I am not mistaken, I don't think ts supposed to hurt them either.



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