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Debeverett - April 18

Is anyone using cloth diapers? I'm thinking about a service and wondering about the different styles. If you go with the prefolded ones do you still use pins?? This is my first so I'm way out of the loop.


ThePezChick - April 18

I was wondering the same thing. Please let me know if you find anything out. I'm in such a quandry about disposable and cloth. What do I do? (I have until Oct. to decide.)


twist - April 18

If you use prefolds you can either pin them or use a "snappi", which is a stretchy thing with three sets of hooks, or if you use wrap style covers you can simply fold the prefold into a pad shape, fit that into the cover and then it's as easy to put on as a disposable. To make clean-up even easier you can also use liners, either flushable paper ones or reusable fleece ones. Personally I use prefolds and wraps during the day and fitted nappies called Snazzipants at night. They are made here in New Zealand and are the cutest nappies ever. There are now loads of cloth sites around, so maybe try doing a search and see if you can find an online community to join, that's where you'll find a lot of info about different nappy systems. "Clothies" are usually happy to help.


Jamie - April 19

I use Swaddlebees. Prefolds are a big PITA, in my opinion. There are MUCH better options out there today. Swaddlebees are a pocket diaper; they have a waterproof outer shell, and a fleece inner shell - you put inserts into the pocket between the outer and inner fabrics - you can customize absorbency that way, which is awesome. Plus, you don't have to worry about pins or "snappi"s because they have snaps right on the diaper, so it's just like a disposable, you just keep it instead of throwing it out. Just knock solid waste into the toilet, then put the diaper in a bucket of hot water until you have however many dirty diapers you consider to be a full load, and throw 'em in the wash, on the hottest setting possible, using very little detergent. I have 15 diapers, and wash after I have 5 dirty dipes, so that I always have 10 clean, just in case. Fuzzibunz are also very popular. A lot of websites will let you buy a sample package, that has one or two diapers of all the different varieties, and when you make your selection, you send back the diapers you don't want, and the cost of the sample package is applied to the purchase of more diapers in the style you like.


Jamie - April 19

Check out this website:


Jamie - April 19

Here's another:


Jamie - April 19 - DEFINATELY check this site out, it'ss got one of the package deals I mentioned earlier


Jamie - April 19

Oh, in that last website I posted, the (-) is supposed to be there, so don't delete it.



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