Co Sleepers Are Out Of The Closet

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BBK - December 30

According to a NYT article t_tled "And Baby Makes Three in One Bed" yesterday, since Dr. Ferber revised his take on baby sleep, many parents have come out to reveal that they are co-sleeping: "The trend appears to be driven largely by the increase in br___tfeeding working mothers, who say it allows them to connect with their babies and still get some sleep. But given the prevailing cultural distaste, many parents say they have felt compelled to hide their shared sleeping arrangements." "With no intended disrespect to Dr. Ferber, I do not need his opinion to validate my view that co-sleeping is the healthiest, safest and most natural sleep situation for my child," Kristi Buxton, 29, a microbiology researcher in Portland, Ore., wrote in an e-mail message. "The individual who has most influenced (and radically changed) my beliefs about co-sleeping is my child." I guess in the end, mommy knows best :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 30

That last sentence is soo true! I swore I wasn't going to co sleep, but do not hide the fact I do. It works best for my family. Everyone is ent_tled to do what is best for their family, but as a working mom with a terrible sleeper, it allows me to get some much needed rest. And now that I have done it so long, I actually love cuddling with my son at night.


Shannon - December 30

i'm still reluctant to admit that i co-sleep because i don't want a lecture. i'm glad this is "coming out of the closet".


Toya - December 30

I co-slept for 4 months. If you're b___stfeeding, it's easier cause the baby can nurse as long as they want and you both fall back to sleep. I knew I could handle co-sleeping, because even when sleeping I'm still aware of who is next to me...I've never rolled over on my husband...never rolled over on my baby.


C - December 30

If you consider sleeping on the couch with my baby on my chest co-sleeping, I did it for 6 weeks. Before that, if I laid him down after 10 minutes he would scream. I never did bring him into our bed. Once I went back to work I tried putting him to bed in his crib and we haven't slept together since. However, I do miss my snuggle time with the little guy.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 30

I sleep with Ben, I slept with Leigh and with Adam.


monica - December 30

I never co slept with either one of my boys for many husband weighs 220 lbs and is a deep sleeper and snores and keeps everybody up. caleb is a light sleeper and any movement will wake him up. I also felt bad for my 5 year old if we all slept together except for him.


Christy - December 30

We couldn't do it eitherb/c hubby is a deep sleeper and often whacks me in his sleep. It is too risky for us. I have nursed Ben in bed when it is just me and we've dozed off together. I admit that it is quite nice. :) Just wondering- how much bedding can you use when you co-sleep? Can you use a sheet and a comforter, or do you do without?


TC - December 30

I have never co-slept with my son until he recently got sick. He usually sleeps in his crib in his room but I could not bare to part with him when he is sick. I really believe that co-sleeping is one of them things that can only be discussed on a case by case basis. I get so tired of these experts making parents defend themselves for co-sleeping. Can't we all just get along??


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 30

I use the quilt still. I wake up every 30 mins or so and if he is asleep I will put him back in his basket. I am a very light sleeper and don't move about either.


Dawn C - December 30

I swore I would never do it BUT DO AND LOVEIT. DH is aheavy sleeper and we have a california king. I sleep in middle. I cover us up with a blanket and sheet. I put a pillow on the far side of bed so lil guy want roll off.


karen - December 30

Kodi and I love it :)


SonyaM - December 30

Yeah, I swore I would never do it and I hate to admit but I judged other mothers who did. Well, needless to say I do co-sleep. It's not by my choice necessarily but I guess you could say that I choose sleep and this way we all sleep. I do try to put him in his own bed as often as possible, but when all else fails, I bring him to our bed and we all sleep great!


Heidi - December 30

I said I never would either but Emma gets to sleep with me after she wakes at night for a feeding. Otherwise her crib is next to my bed. She goes to sleep on her own at night in her crib and doesn't wake up crying for me either. She just makes enough noise to let me know she's hungry and if I don't want her in bed with me after nursing her I put her back in her crib till she wakes me in the morning to nurse. I wouldn't have it any other way, no matter what anyone tells me!


Lovely - December 30

I got into an argument about this once, so all I'm going to say is that I do it, and did it with my first. It works for us!


tiffani - December 30

Yep, we do it too. Never felt like I had to keep it a secret though. My child, my choice. :o)


Older Mom - December 30

My kids are 14 and 19 now---no they don't sleep with us anymore! They did when they were little though, and it was WAY less accepted then than it is now. The only place I could admit it was at La Leche League meetings. My kids turned out great! They are very sure of themselves and independent. Don't be afraid to do what you feel is right for you and your child. The only things that I look back on as mistakes I made with my kids are when I let myself be talked into something I felt inside me was wrong. We have those feelings for a reason--If something feels wrong it usually is. Enjoy every moment with your kids, they grow up really fast!



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