Co Sleeping Up Close Or Farther Away

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?? - November 19

Those who have the babies in bed with them, do you sleep very close ( up against) the lil one or with them farther from your body. My guy is 5wks and I let him sleep right up next to me. I usually sleep facing him or on my back. It is just always a fear that I will roll on him. When dh gets up to go to work, I put him on his side of the bed and I stretch out. We have a king size bed. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!


me - November 19

dont start bad habits, baby has their bed, u have yours, you will regret it later when u want to make love to ur partner but ooops baby is there


Heidi - November 19

I let Emma sleep right next to me if she fell asleep while feeding. She's just plop her head on my b___b and go to sleep. Ha ha! And I'd sleep on my side like that or I'd lay on my back but I worried she'd sufforcate against me so I'd usually push her away from me. I'd lay a spitup rag out under her head and push her about a foot away from me on my side and tuck the blankies under her so she couldn't move around too much and once my boyfriend got up for work I'd move her on his side so I could stretch out. I quit this at about four weeks and put her back in her ba__sinet and then moved her crib in next to my side of the bed and now she falls asleep in there cus I just wasn't comfy in bed and getting a good nights rest without worrying about smushing her. She sleeps great in it and when I feed her during the night I let her snooze on my chest after I burp her for a few minutes or lay on her side by me but I eventually put her back in the crib so I can sleep better. If I had a king size bed she's probably still be in it!


Sarah - November 19

I co-sleep w/ my dd and she sleeps right next to me (me facing her). She falls asleep while nursing and it's great b/c I can get some sleep. I wish I would have done it from the time she was born but didn't start until about 2 months. I'll admit I am afraid to turn to the other side (my back facing her), so I'm thinking of buying a co-sleeper b/c we only have a queen size.


bad habbit - November 19

Its a hard habbit to break. Some people still have 10 years old in their beds. Put them in their cribs as early as you can.


kate - November 20

to "me" and "bad habbit" - this isn't the place to preach - the poster didn't ask for your opinions on whether co-sleeping itself was "good" or "bad." i personally find it odd that some people think babies belong in their beds from day one - after all, they need us to feed them, they need us to clothe them, keep them warm and change them, but by golly!- i guess they don't need us to comfort and snuggle with them! and if you're nursing, really, is there any easier way than sleeping with baby and just flipping over when he's hungry? to the poster - i sleep further away, because i am more comfy that way. our bed was against the wall with a body pillow wedged in tight so there were no gaps. she slept between me and the wall, and then when hubby left for work, i went over to his side. at about 11 months, she was transfered to a pack and play in our room because none of us could get any sleep! she'd turn and crawl all over the place. now she's sleeping in her toddler bed in our room - getting used to the "big girl" bed before we move her across the hall into her own room. and she hasn't had any problems adjusting.


KatieJ - November 20

I have plenty of room in my bed if my son still wants to sleep in there when he's ten. I know many people that still have older children in bed with them. My son sleeps on me a lot of nights.


TO me - November 20

the baby doesn't know the difference when you have s_x with them in the bed. If they're off to the side of the bed and not in the center, then you won't have a problem. All the movement of the bed keeps them asleep also.


Lesley - November 20

I only bring baby into bed with me during the night feeds. I put his head on my arm and lie like that. Most the time I fall asleep, but I am a light sleeper, and wake every half hour or so anyways. If I do fall asleep, I put him back in his basket as soon as I wake up again. To the poster above me, you are really strange! I wouldn't dare have s_x when baby is in bed with me! My oldest was in my bed untill he was 3. Not every night though. When I moved in this house he didn't have his own bed untill the beginning of this year. So almost a year he shared beds with me. My daughter has always slept in her own bed. She won't settle unless she is on her own.


angela - November 20

i love to sleep with my daughter she's 7 months now. i've been only sleeping with her for a month because she was sick and waking up at night. i love to snuggle in with her i think its a wonderful way to bond with your baby. i know some people do think its a bad habit but i dont mind having her with me. i just wish we had a bigger bed we have a queen. since your little guy is only 5 wks i think i would give him some space you dont want to accidentally hit him with you arm or roll on him.


J - November 20

I have a 3 year old and a 5 wk old and I don't want the toddler or baby sleeping with me. I need my rest. My son finally will sleep in his ba__sinet the first few weeks he wouldn't sleep in the ba__sinet and slept with us. I couldn't sleep for fear of hurting him. I would lay up right and cradle him in my arms so I wouldn't roll over on him. I am one of those people who has to have sleep. I love my boys to death but don't want them sleeping with me.


Emma - November 20

My daughter is 10 weeks old and I always said that she would sleep in her crib...well...she will only sleep right up against me. I have tried her crib, ba__sinet, and finally putting her kinda far away from me on my bed. Even when she is on the other side, I wake up and she has wiggled her way over and is pressed up against me. She just likes to cuddle!


JB - November 20

My son sleeps right next to me in bed. I usually put him on the side he fed on last so I know shen to switch b___bs (I'm b___stfeeding). During the day, he sleeps in his crib (I'm afraid he'll scoot off the bed if he stays in mine). I agree with Kate, this isn't a place to preach.


... - November 20



d - November 20

I'm happy to see that people like(......)care about sending anonymous good advice about the cons of co-sleeping. There was a huge discussion about this under the topic Baby in Bed with me and Baby in Bed with me part II, recently.


Tati - November 20

?? Are you b___stfeeding? If not then I would say you shouldn't even have him on your bed. I b___stfeed and it wasn't easy sleeping with the baby. Every night I would get up take baby out of her bed b/feed her and put her back on her own. When she got older after 6 months I would get so tired of getting up and down at night so I let her sleep by us. It was a big mistake after that she would scream if I put her on her own bed until I took her next to us. She slept with us until 18 months that is when I stopped b/feeding. If you want to get close to your baby do it in day time when he takes a nap. Lay down next to him cuddle him up and enjoy. Eventually if you don't, you and your DH will be tired in the morning. You CAN NOT rest peacefully when you know if you fall in a deep sleep you can hurt the baby. Also, no personal life for you and your hubby.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 21

My son likes to sleep real close to me. We sleep on our sides facing each other. He always grabs my pajamas with both hands and holds them. I love cuddling with him! And the debate about co-sleeping is old. Everyone is ent_tled to do what they want with their own baby. It's as simple as that.



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