Co Sleeping Death

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Heidi - November 14

Did anyone see on the news about the woman in Wisconsin who was drunk and was br___tfeeding her 4 month old in her bed and sufforcated him cus she fell asleep? God that's so scary! I guess they're charging her, thank god. How could you live with yourself the rest of your life! Just sad. That poor baby.


CEM - November 14

That is awful. Poor little baby. :(. This is the kind of stuff that gives us sober, attentive, co-sleepers a bad name.


moniica - November 14

sorry but to me drunk and b___stfeeding do not go together. Stupid stupid woman.... give me a break how can you be getting drunk when you have a 4 month old to b___stfeed and take care of. Woman should get life in prison....these things get me so mad.


Hi - November 14

Did see the story but it didn't really mention co sleeping, just that she wa a bad mother who has previous been found neglectful of her children. Co sleeping and pa__sing out on top of your child because you are drunk are two totally different things.


Jackie - November 14

Should read that under the b___stfeeding section.... called "Breast feeding is DANGEROUS" The person figures it was becasue the mother was b___st feeding! Thought you'd like to hear about it.


BBK ® © - November 14

There is a number of sickening and disturbing details in this story. Yes, b___stfeeding is not good if you are going to be drinking and especially if you're going to be drunk out of your mind!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 14

I am not sure if any of you watch CSI (any of them) or Without a Trace. There was a show about this a while back where the mother killed the baby but they paid the sitter to runaway and act like she kidnapped the baby. Our doctor told us this happens alot more than you think. She said in our office alone (only 4 pediatricians in office) it will probably happen 2 times this year. That was so sad to me.


bsmomma - November 14

poor sweet little thing... my son is 4 months and sleeps with us, but one of the first things i saw while researching cosleeping was to never cosleep if you have had even one drink or meds that could make you unaware of the baby.



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