Co Sleeping Good Or Bad

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Kira_lynn - October 30

I guess thats a controversal way to start a topic but i wanted input from mommies/daddies who do and who dont. I'd like to co-sleep for about 5-6months so that br___tfeeding is easier, but after that i dont know? I remember my yougest brother (10years apart) and he wouldnt sleep in his bed til he was 6 and still with a lot of difficulty. Gosh....


excited2bemama - October 30

LOL- I think it depends of what you WANT to do. I have a friend who co-sleeps till 1 year and then the baby goes in a crib. My brother and sister in law co- sleep till about 2 years old and then they always have a hard time getting the baby out of their bed. Personally I couldn't sleep with my lo. Dh moves around alot and I would worry about the baby getting squished- Also I am a light sleepr and all those babies noises wouldn't allow me to get any sleep!!! Alot of b___stfeeding moms LOVe it because they don't even wake up really while nursing at night. I never could get really comfy nursing laying down - I have small b___sts and everytime I moved an inch my lo would lose the nipple- We did a basinette right next to our bed for the first 2 months- I would just roll over- pick her up , nurse her sitting up in bed and out her back down. One other thing to think aout- when a baby sleeps with you they tend to nurse Alot because its right there.... so when they are a little older they nurse more for comfort than hunger in the middle of the night. which can be a hard habit to break. Good luck with your decision!! It can work well either way depending on what you want.


kim00 - October 30

My dh and I are against it. We put a ba__sinet next to our bed for the first few months, then move them into their room after that. We have never had a problem with our first dd not wanting to sleep in her own room. We do not regret not co-sleeping. That is our time and our place to reconnect and nourish our marriage.


c_baer19 - October 30

I was against it, but I ended up co-sleeping. My baby was very ga__sy and couldn't sleep on her back (and I wouldn't let her sleep on her stomach on her own), so she slept on my chest. It is really easy while nursing at night, I really hardly have to wake up and neither does she - but I wish I had never started. She is 3 months now and it will just be difficult to get her to sleep on her own, I'm sure. I would advise you not to do it, but if you have to, then you have to. It just becomes a hard habit to break! Plus, I don't even get to sleep with my DH anymore, no cuddling, etc. No fun at all.. lol!


kim00 - October 30

JMO, but I would recommend talking to your dh/partner about their opinion on it, since it will also be effecting them.


Krissy25 - October 30

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, it's what works for you and your dh and your baby. You may try it and decide it doesn't work or you may love it and decide to keep your lo with you for longer. Until recently my lo slept in a ba__sinet next to us but now she is in her crib and after my dh goes to work i let her sleep with me for a few hours. This way i get to have time next to her but she is not dependent on sleeping with us. If you decide to do it just remember to be safe about it, no extra pillows, and sheets need to be snug on the bed. There are devices out there designed for co-sleeping so the baby stays safe.


tryin44 - October 30

Here is what I do and have done in the past with my other three kids. I start them out in their cradle by my bed for the first stretch of the night. When they get up to eat (I also b___stfeed) If they don't just pa__ss out I will put them in bed with me. If they pa__s out I will try the cradle one more time til next feeding. It works good to me because it gets them used to their own bed but also lets me get a little bit more sleep because they seem more content with me most of the time. My third did this til she was two and my new one was born. As she got older her crib stay was longer and she would just get in bed in thye arly morning. She transitioned fine into her room.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 30

I co-sleep, it don't bother me at all if she stays there forever too. Im paranoid and feel if she isn't next to me something might happen and I would blame myself. My DH don't mind either, but my mother keeps telling me to get her in her crib, I just can't


KimS - October 30

I think it's really a personal decision, I know for me I co-slept for about 2 months, I'm a single mom and was exhausted.. but found once I decided to put him in his own bed that I slept better, I don't think I was actually going into a deep sleep with him in the bed.. so once he started moving a lot in the bed (around 6 months) that's when I moved him since I was afraid he'd fall off the bed... it would likely be better if you had your dh on one side of the bed.. but I didn't have that luxury.. .I have to say that it is the most awesome thing and I can totally understand why people do it!


javidsgirl - October 30

i co sleep with my little one but my dh doesn"t have a problem they do it in his culture. as for our time we fit it in during nap times because she takes naps in her crib


pregnantjackie - October 30

I say good. But I don't think I could co-sleep w/o the snugglenest, I'd be too afraid of rolling over on lo. DH and I used to be against it, but did some research on reduces SIDS and has been proven to have positive long term effects too, such as higher self esteem... I don't know what wed do if we didnt cosleep, it has been such a help for us, the nursery is on the other end of the house.


DeeD - October 31

I agree with Kim00. I have not, nor will I ever co-sleep. It is too hard to get the child to sleep in their own bed later. But I really believe that our NOT doing it is why our kids are such great sleepers. I nursed my kids, but just got up...feed the baby and put them back to bed. It would drive me CRAZY to have a baby sucking on me all night. But, even my b___st feeding babies have slept trhough the night by 6-8 weeks. This little guy may be different though since he was so early and has had such awful feeding issues. We will see. But I do not recommend it. I would go through this board and research allt he post regarding co-sleeping and you will find so many moms beggin for help to make their kid sleep because all the kid wants is to sleep with them. It really is difficult. But to each his own right? If that is what you would like to do... make the choice confidently and go for it!


wailing - October 31

Like everyone said. I think u have to figure out what works for u, ur dh and the bb. I was totally against co-sleeping, but we do it once in a while. Our lo is now almost 5 months and has no problems sleeping in his crib. In the first few wks we let him sleep w/ us b/c he hated his ba__sinet and he nursed so much it was easiest. But at 5wks we put him in his crib and let him fall asleep on his own (he does great). Now at 4.5 months he ALWAYS goes to bed in his crib awake but at 6am I will bring him into our room to nurse and let both of us fall asleep. He wakes btwn 8-9am and we are up for the day. BF and I love having him in there b/c he wakes us up w/ his cooing and smiling which is a very cute way to start our day:-) There are also times when he wakes in the middle of the nite for a feeding and BF just brings him to bed, but we put him back in his crib to sleep (so we can stretch out). I think alot of it depends on ur bb. Our lo is VERY easygoing so he really doesn't care where he sleeps haha. BUT, I know a friend of mine who let their dd co-sleep w/ them and now at almost 2yrs old she is STILL in their bed. They actually bought a King so they could get more rest. And now they have a 2nd bb on the way and are in a terrible dillema.


KristinTone - October 31

I just love having my baby close to me. I am paranoid too I feel like if she is near me she is safe. I have been trying to transition her to her crib this week though, but it isn't going so well!


docbytch - October 31

I only co-sleep if he just seems really fussy. Only also if my dh is gone on one of his layovers as a pilot so I have our bed to myself. Co-sleeping when there are two adults in the bed is too dangerous to my dh is a sprawler who takes a VERY long time to become alert if he is awoken from a dead sleep. He is the one I do not trust lol


krc - November 1

it truly is differently for everyone. My son is 15 months, still nursing and co-sleeping. It has had it's ups and downs. I had him in his crib for about 2 months ( 11-13 months) but then I got inconsistent and and he's back in my bed with me. I am a single mom, so you'd think there is plenty of room in my bed...NOT ! LOL My guy is a bed hog, right in the middle with legs and arms stretched out! My b___bs are a size B. So I can nurse while laying on my side, and if I'm lucky I can kind of lay on my back, depending on how he is laying. I have a body pillow I put behind me and that helps support my back. But because he is so used to latching on for comfort, it has caused me many sleepless night. You can only sleep on your side for so long before your side goes numb, or your arm getting cramped from having to keep it placed above your baby's head. And then they go thru phases where they want to stay latched on all night long! AAAHHHH I know it's my fault and if I really wanted to I could end night nursings thus giving me a better nights sleep. But on the flipside, he's only a baby for a short time and I know this isn't I will endure it a little longer because once it's's over and these first few years of life I want to cherish. But..... if you really don't care about all that mushy stuff and would rather have your sleep, the I suggest you start good sleeping habits now and be persistent, otherwise you'll pay for it later! Trust me !


Val - November 2

We use a co-sleeper crib and have really liked it. DS is right next to me so I can reach over to make sure he's ok, but I don't have to worry about covering him accidentally with my blankets. It didn't help with b___stfeeding though, since I had a c-section, I couldn't really pick the baby up easily to move him into bed to nurse. Also we had some other latch issues, so I've always just nursed him in the rocker instead. But the armsreach co-sleeper was one of the best purchases we made! (He's still in it at 5 months.) The one downside to having him so close is that when he thumps his legs, it wakes us up, but I'll take the peace of mind from having him close over uninterrupted sleep . :-)



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