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Ruthie - November 18

Hi all! I have a 9 day old son who can't seem to sleep on his own at night. He does fine in his bassinet during the day, but at night he seems to only be able to sleep if he's with me, in my arms. Should I let him sleep in the bed with me, or will this cause problems later on? PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!!


monica - November 18

I am sure no one will agree with me but first do what you think is best for you. For me I put my baby in his crib from day 1...yes I had to get up every hour to comfort him but at the end. He sleeps all night in his crib. I did the same thing with my first son and he has been a great sleeper in his own bed. It can be a hard habbit to break later on and there are parents that still have their toddlers, kids in bed with them. Its just not for me.... I need to have some adult time with my husband and the only time is night time.


Sarah - November 18

I co-sleep w/ my dd and it works great. If you want to get some more info on it check out


amapolitamomma - November 18

Whatever works for you to get your baby to sleep!!! My high-need daughter, who is now 11 months old has never been able to sleep in her crib. I've tried, believe me, but nothing works. At first my husband and I resented the loss of intimacy between us. But, we have found other ways, and places, to be together. We have even tried letting her cry it out. But after 5 or so minutes of listening to her scream in terror, we felt like we wanted to throw up. We walked into her her room and looked at her tear-stained, red face and she stopped crying. We held her and she clung to us so hard and made those shaky, post-crying noises. It broke our hearts. I now believe that co-sleeping it the best option for our family at this point. We love waking up on weekend mornings to her kisses and hugs and I feel so bonded to my daughter. I know that if I forced her to sleep in a crib we would not share such a strong connection. It is also a good opportunity for busy or working moms to feel close to their baby. Like me, I am a full time night student and watch several other children during the day.


Ashley - November 18

when Michael was born he was the same way, the doctors told me that he had his days and nites mixed up just make days more interesting and have him in the ba__sinet less and try putting him in it at nite, it mite be hard for the first little while but its worth a shot, I did it with Michael and I stood there for a few minutes and talked to him just so he knew I was still there!


April - November 18

I sleep in the same bed with my 4 month old. It works great for us. During the night he never completely wakes up. I just nurse him and we both get to sleep. Now that we are comfortable doing this I rarely remember waking come morning. Everyone gets a good nights sleep. I have read that when you co-sleep the risk of SIDS decreases because baby's breathing matches your breathing pattern. Japan, where mother-infant co-sleeping is the norm, have the lowest SIDS rate in the world! Google The Family Bed for tons of info. Also my 6 year old co-slept with us when she was a baby/toddler and we gradually had to move her out. For a while she fell asleep in our bed then we moved her only to find her there again in the morning. But it eventually stopped. When I was a baby my parents didn't co-sleep with me but I remember trying to sleep in with them all the time too. I guess some thing never change.


Julie - November 18

My husband and I had the same problem when my son first came home. He is 5 weeks now and finally for the last 5 days he has been sleeping in his ba__sinet. Neither of us could get any sleep with him sleeping with us. My husband would sleep in the recliner so that he knew he could hold him without rolling over on hime etc. I don't know how you break the habit we just kept putting him in there after he would finally fall asleep.


JB - November 18

My son didn't sleep well at first either. I would sleep on the couch half way sitting up holding him. Doesn't sound comfortable but it worked. I was afraid of sleeping in bed and rolling over on him.


JB - November 18

Now at three months he sleeps fine. Well he has starting rolling over onto his back and he doesn't like that so he wakes up. I don't think he will be spoiled. Probably just needs some security at first.


JB - November 18

I forgot to say that he sleeps in a ba__sinet in our room.


Karen - November 19

Kodi is 11.5 weeks now and still sleeps in my arms or on my chest at nights. Like your baby he does fine in the days but at night he wants comfort. That has been since birth. I forone think it is fine and a part of bonding. Remember they were comfortable in us for nine months and now are out in the cold big world. I am proud and privialage that I can give my baby that comfort. They grow out of it in time. Once they become more independant your gonna miss it. Enjoy it now :)



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