Cold Hands

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ry - January 22

Hey guys! My dd always has cold hands. Does that mean I should dress her warmer? I am so clueless, I swear! Our house is at 68 degrees and she had on a onsie and a long sleeved tee shirt but her hands are freezing so I put a sweatshirt on her too. I feel like I would be hot in all that but is that what she should wear. Lol, I know I must sound so dumb but please help me out here!


Mommy_to_be - January 22

This isn't really an answer but my dd is the same way. Dress her how you're dressed (maybe a light layer more if you think necessary) and don't worry about it! My dd's hands will be cold but her body and face will feel warm so I don't worry! Hope this helps a little.


drea - January 22

I'm so glad you asked this, my dd's hands are always cold also (so are mine), but we keep the house at about 68 or 69, if we make it too much higher she gets stuffy. Someone on here had suggested putting old socks that dont fit anymore on their hands to keep them warm, but my dd likes to put her hands in her mouth so that would just irritate her. We have her 4 month check up next week so I'll ask my ped.


LisaB - January 22

Due to criculation los hands and feet are often cold I always check the back of my ds neck to see if he is comfy. It is a better indication then the hands. But yes you can put socks on the hands if you lo will let you. My ds sucks his thumb so his thumbs are always cold it doesn't harm him though.


Mingill - January 22

the general guide is to dress your baby in one more layer than you are comfortable. My DS always has cold hands when he wakes up, so I do put socks on his hands at night (also prevents him from grabbing his blanket). He likes to suck on his fingers, but the socks don't bother him, he just sucks on them. And when he gets tired of the socks, he pulls them off. I find him from time to time with soggy socks off to the side and fingers in his mouth.


maryl14 - January 22

my dd when she was little her hands and feet were always cold and blue and we found out she has reactive air dease (rad) and that she has apnea and poor circulation but the doctor told me to put mittens on her hands and 2 pairs of socks (one light and one heavy) on her feet and she is now 3 1/2 y/o


ashtynsmom - January 22

Myy dd is like this too. Her head will sweat, but her hands are like ice. I just say what my Grandpa used to tell me "Cold hands, means a warm heart." I know taht doens't help... just a saying! ha


mandee25 - January 22

My ds has the same problem. Especially is he is in his swing for quite a while. (Sometimes that is the only way he will go to sleep) Anyways, his hands aren't cold all the time but I do notice it even if he is dressed appropriately in a warm room.


CaliTrish - January 23

Ditto what Mingill said - one more layer of clothing than you're wearing. As long as baby's torso is warm, she should be okay.


renee - January 23

I also have this problem with my three month old and just asked my ped about it last week. She said it was normal and to put mittens on her. Not much help, but I just put the mittens on and occasionally take them off so she can play with her hands and grab at things.


jwhite - January 24

I usually put my dd in a footed or non-footed sleeper at night and we keep our house at 69. I usually sleep in a tank top and capris and I am usually cold until it gets later in the night. my dd's hands are also cold a lot of times, but her head is warm so I think she must be comfortable



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