Cold Lasting More Than 10 Days Anything I Can Do For Dd

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madison - October 2

dd has had her cold for 11 days now! i just left a mess with my dr. to see what she says. anyone's lo had a cold for this long? besides her runny nose, she seems to feel ok just cant sleep well because she cant breathe through her nose so she wont take her pacifier and wakes often, therefore, she's more fussy than normal. ahhhh, wish she was better already!!!!!


JerseyGirl - October 2

Are you using the aspirator on her nose to suck out the boogies? Are you keeping her head elevated as much as possible? Are you using a vaporizer? All those things helped my DS, who had a cold for maybe 3 days. Try all that, if you haven't already. Good luck and I hope she feels better soon! So sad when they're that little and sick...


madison - October 2

yes, we are using a humidifier in her room and she is 6 months and she crawls all over her crib so there's no way to keep her head elevated in there. we use the aspirator sometimes but dont have much luck getting anything out! waiting to hear what my dr. says. thanks!


Janny - October 5

JerseyGirl - My daugher just turned 7 months old and has had a cold for one month. I have been to the doctor numerous times - she was wheezing and that's what started it. We are now giving her breathing treatments at home twice a day but she is still the same. Researched on the internet and found out there is a respiratory problem called RSV - it's a respiratory illness that causes infection in the lungs and breathing pa__sages. If your baby was premature, low birth weight, in daycare and has a family history of respiratory problems (asthma) she could have it. The test is simple - they just swab her nose and send it out. I'm now going to have to wait till next week to see if she has it or not. We went through the runny nose, or stuffed up nose, coughing and lack of sleep. We elevated her, cleaned out her nose - but everything just stayed the same. If her cold continues - ask for her to be tested.


jen327 - October 5

Hi, my friends daughter was just tested for a strain of strep that they found in her nose. Her only symptoms were runny nose. It is very early for it to be RSV. That usually starts in Nov. My son was born with RDS so they will be giving him the vaccine. Anyway, if it keeps up I would call the doctor and ask them to test her.


aliciavr6 - October 5

My dd has been sick with a cold for about two weeks. I have her humidifer, doesn't seem to do much. It doesnt' seem to really bother her but she coughs a lot (as do I because she got me sick ha) and sneezes.


c_baer19 - October 5

Madison, when you aspirate her nose, do you use saline? It really helps to get them out - my DD has a constantly stuffy nose. Use regular, plain saline (no decongestant) and do either two squirts or drops in each nostril, wait a minute to let the saline break up the mucus, and then try to aspirate her nose. I find it works even better if I cover the other nostril while I suction out the other one (read about doing it online and tried it), and they seem to come right out. Your DD will hate it.. mine does, but afterward her nose is clear and she's happy for awhile!


DB - October 5

madison-my dd has had several of which lasted 2 weeks+ It was terrible! We pretty much just waited it out. It was terrible...her sleeping and eating suffered!! I'm sorry you're going through this. The aspirator never worked for us as my dd would scream bloody-murder if we put it near her nose.



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