Cold Or Teething Call The Ped

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Kel - June 6

OK, I'm not sure if my dd ( 10 weeks ) has a cold or if she is showing signs of teething. I'm thinking she has a cold because it seems like nose is so stuffed up. She sounds like a little piggy sometimes when she breaths. She isn't liking her paci as much as usual which makes me think she might be having a hard time breathing through her nose. She has coughed a couple of times, but reallly it was probably like 5 times in the past two days. I was starting to wonder if she might have a cold. Oh yeah, you can see all the little dried up boogies in her little nose (poor thing). Now, she is all drowling like mad and has her hands in her mouth constantly! Last night when she woke up, I found her with her blanket in her mouth too (it was so cute though) and she is going the same with her bib. Now, I now kids can get alittle under the weather when they are teething, so I wasn't sure if I should just let it ride out, or if I should call the doctor. She feels warm, but I don't think she has a fever and her cheeks do look a little flush to me at times (dh thought she was sunburn - duh!) Any thoughts (PS - FYI, he does have a mild case of reflux which she is on meds for)


Kel - June 6



Sarahsmommy - June 6

She is a little young to be teething. Since she is so young you should actually check her tempature and see if she has a fever. My ped says if it's more then 100.3 to call. I would keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't start to look worse and you can try to use saline nose drops and a nasal aspirator to help with the stuffiness. Also she could be getting to the age where she want's to stick everything in her mouth to explore it.


Rabbits07 - June 6

My ds has had a stuffy nose since about 2 or 3 weeks old. Dr. said was no biggy! As long as there is no fever and baby seems to be feeling fine he said they really don't like to start giving decongestants or antibiotics to such young babies unless absolutely necessary. My dr. had said any fever over 100, but I've noticed alot of dr.'s have differing opinions on that. The saline and aspirator are good for the stuffy nose as Sarahsmommy said. Also, I didn't know this until the dr. told my mom...relux can cause coughing. Who knew? As for her chewing on her hands, I'd say she's just realized they are there and she likes them...of course teething is a remote possibility. My husband had an aunt that was born with a tooth.



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