Cold Or Warm Mist Humidifier

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Mrs.Ireland - December 4

What is better for a stuffy nose?


ImpatientMommy - December 4

I was JUST coming on here to ask what the difference was. I bought a cool mist one without realizing there was 2 different kinds!


DDT - December 4

I believe the warm humidifier would be best for a cold. Same idea as putting them in a steamy bathroom. Also, having cool air b__wing in their room during winter may not be such a great idea.


ImpatientMommy - December 4

It's not freezing cold air and it has no such strength where it would act like an air conditioner and change the temperature in the room. Plus as long as it's not b__wing directly in their face, it should be fine! =)


DDT - December 4

Oh, thats good!


javidsgirl - December 4

before you buy a humidifier you need to know what the current humidity level in your is otherwise you will just be feeding germs,dust mites etc with a warm humidifier you have to keep in mind it cause bacteria growth you it has to cleaned after each use and also makes it even more important to find out the humidity in your home for the same reason


WyattsMommy - December 4

My DS is getting over a sinus infections (he's 15 months old). My ped recommended I get a warm mist humidifier and put some liquid vicks in the water to help. It worked wonders for him. You might want to check with your ped before putting the vicks in.


javidsgirl - December 4

man i made so many typos sorry i have a wee one in my lap


drea - December 4

I was told that a warm mist humidifoer is NOT good for your baby. The warm mist causes a lot of bacteria to build up (just like the hot water does in the shower) and then sprays it into the air and your baby breathes it in. I have been using a cool mist humidifier since my lo is about a month old (she's 14 mos now). Also, in the winter it is better to have a cool mist b/c with the heat in your house it regulates the air, if its to hot and stuffy from the heat they will get congested. Hope this helps.


lin7604 - December 4

yes drea is right! A warm mist in not good for a baby b/c of the bacterial growth unless you have a bad col and need to put vicks in it and htere are special ones for that. It's only suppose to be temporary for those ones but if your humidity level is low in your home during the winter then a cool mist is the one you need. YOur house is supposed to be around 50-60 % humidity, so if it is dropping under 50% then you need more humidity. My house in 1 wek of the heating system on dropped dwn to 30%. We have to have one on daily through the whole winter. Now it ranges between 48-54%. IS your stuffy nose coming from a cold, allergies or a dry house?


DDT - December 4

Just to add: I have a Vicks warm humidifier that I use only when my son has a cold or is congested for some reason (I've used it 4-5 times). It helps IMO because he sleeps better at night with it on. I also clean it before every use...which means cleaning it with hot soapy water and refilling with clean water. You just need to take precautions as with everything else.


lawlady72 - December 4

generally speaking for an infant cool mist is better, the warm, humid air breeds germs etc. and you should never put a warm air humidifyer w/ any meds without the doctor suggesting it. My daughter (6yrs now) had terrible upper respiratory problems and we were always told cool air and my sons first sign of a cold (8 weeks) doc said same thing.



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