Cold Room Dilemma

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AnytimeLittleone - January 27

My dd's room is always cold at night. It has been extremely cold outside during the evening hours (-30ish celcius), and that is causing the room to be colder than usual. Before dd could roll, and crawl, I allowed her to be covered by a lightweight blanket. I had to take the blanket away, as shes now rolling in her sleep, and army crawling around the crib. I went to buy her a "sleeping bag", and it didnt fit! She was TOO tall, and TOO big for it (and it was a 12m!). My dd is 22 lbs at 6 months, and nothing fits her. Any suggestions as to how to keep this baby warm? Layers maybe?


AnytimeLittleone - January 27

Oh, also, I tried a heater and it made the room too hot... does anyone know, can you buy patterns for bunting bags? Maybe I can make a really big one..


SonyaM - January 27

I would say layers. Maybe put socks on her and a regular sleeper or maybe a onsie and then a flanne/fleecel sleeper over it.


ash2 - January 27

You could buy one of those sleepers that do not have legs at the bottom and it is just a " gown " with no opening.


aurorabunny - January 27

Not a clothing idea, but if you buy some of that plastic insulation for the windows that you use a hairdryer to seal on maybe?? Our home is older and the windows are drafty, we had to do that to make ds's room warm enough. Just a thought!


jillianT - January 27

we got a grobag as a gift and we love it for this reason. i don't want to cover dd up w/ too many blankets and the lighter one's she just kicks off, so on the really cold nights, she goes into her sleeping bag. i think it'll fit her for years to come too.


Ca__sJ - January 27

I got a heater at Wallmart for my lo's room that you can control the temp. on. I put it on 60 F. It make the room comfortable.


Kara H. - January 27

Yep, get a heater with temperature selection. We have been doing this, but we have decided we need a more long term solution. We are installing a electic plug in baseboard heater. The make ones that stay cool to the touch. A lot of people use the for additions where they can't run ductwork. Basic models cost about $30. We are buying a more premium model that is whisper quiet and super energy efficient that is about $100. Our thremastat is in the livingroom, right off of the kitchen so every time I have cooked the rest of the house gets really cold since the living rioom is so warm. Since we don't plan on moving anytime soon, we are splurging on the premuim one.


AnytimeLittleone - January 28

Thanks for all the great ideas ladies! I dont think that there is a draft issue in her room (ie: from windows), I think the same thing is happening at my house, as at Kara H's house. The thermostat is at the front of the house where the kitchen and tv and appliances are... Ive sent my mother on a hunt to find a big cuddle bag for her to sleep in. If I dont locate one within the next couple of nights, Ive pretty much decided that im going to try to make one myself :) Thanks everyone!



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