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Jenn2 - June 23

MY baby is a week old, and she has been spitting up a bunch. She also hits a fussy spell in the middle of the night after eating that can sometimes last a couple hours. Its really hard to soothe her to sleep, so I basically have to sit there and hold her with her screaming. That can definately do a number on your nerves. anyway, I end up having to change her outfit after every feeding almost, and she is fairly gassy after each feeding as well. I know its normal for babies to fuss, but how many moms experienced this in the first week? did it eventually wear itself out, and your baby became more accustomed to digesting the milk (br___t milk)? How old was your baby when they were less like this?


lindsay - June 23

hi Jenn! sorry you are having a tough time w/ little one... i am not having this problem, but i have heard that sometimes your diet can upset baby's tummy... do you eat a lot of dairy that it may be cow's milk proteins in your b___st milk upsetting her? i've also heard broccoli, cabbage and such can make them ga__sy.. i guess anything that might make you ga__sy could affect her the same. maybe cut out a suspicious food you eat for a couple of days and see if that helps??? also, have you tried those infant gas drops (sorry, can't remember what they are called... start w/ a "m" i think?) good luck !!


bbelmore - June 23

For James, he had a terrible time pa__sing gas for the first five weeks or so of his life. One thing I ate made it terrible: Silhouette yogurt ( the 40 cal. ones) Then he learned how to fart. Thank god for farting. It's been six weeks since, and he's a happy camper. Oh yeah, the Ovol drops didn't work, but gripe water helped a bit. I used Life brand non alcohol.


angelbebe - June 24

Awe, it's so hard when you don't know what is wrong, isn't it? My baby girl is just over 3 weeks old and I have been going through this a bit with her in the past few days. She isn't full on crying, just a bit fussy. You know, their digestive systems are still so immature and all the spitting up, ga__siness, is all so normal. I don't think at a week old it could be colic at this point. It may not even be related to diet. Have you tried some soothing things like swaddling? I watched an amazing DVD by a pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, called the Happiest Baby on the Block. He has five techniques he uses to calm any crying baby. It's amazing!! He has a book t_tled the same thing. I highly recommend you check it out. He says so many parents think their babies have colic, but rarely do. Anyways, just remember that their crying doesn't necessarily mean they are unhappy or that you are doing anything wrong. It's their only way to communicate with us right now. In the meantime, you may want to try for a week to cut out dairy...then wheat...but only one thing at a time for at least a week. It wouldn't hurt.


Bonnie - June 24

Colcky behavior is describes as uncontrollable crying that lasts 3 or more hours generally around a certain time of teh day (evening being most common). It peaks at 6 weeks and usually disappears between 3 and 4 months. Colic sucks............It is also possible that she may be developing reflux. Reflux and colic often get confused for one another. How does she cry....does she arch backwards (particularly when feeding) (reflux sign) or does she tend to scrunch up mostly in a ball (gas)? Take a look at the signs and symptoms page on (it's inteh info section). My son came down with silent reflux (no spitting up) and because he ate a TON (most reflux babies start to refuse food) the doc blew it off as colic. After about a month when Mason hit 10+ hours of non stop crying no matter what we did I flipped out on the doctor because I knew something was wrong. It turned out he had reflux and is now in the proper medication. I hope it's not reflux as it is a terrible thing to deal with and doesn't always get solved over night. is something you need to be on the look out for. The first few weeks (okay, maybe the first few months) are very tough. Their tummies are not developed and they get all kinds of pain from gas and digestion issues and it stinks because there is nothing you can do to stop it. I just wanted to point out that Web site to you as she is displaying some signs of reflux (though it could be colic as well) and it is something you should keep an eye out for.


Bonnie - June 24

P.S. On the gas issue. Some peopel swear by mylicon infant gas drops. They are safe to use everyday. I gave them at every feed to Mason though I don't think in his case they did much. Also....bottle choice is important and every baby is different. Some do better on Dr.Browns, some better on Playtex Nursers, some better on silicone nipples and some on latex. Some on fast flow some on slow flow (age doesn't mean anything, Mason was on fast flow at 1 month). We had a huge supply of Dr.Browns but Mason ended up doing far better on Playtex Nursers with the wide LATEX nipples. When I switched his has went away over night. I wasted a ton of money on Dr.B's for nothing. My suggestion...go out and buy one of every major gas relieving bottle brand, as well as latex and silicone nipples. Then test them out before you commit to a brand. Goodluck!


Bonnie - June 24

I can't really compare Mason as he did have the reflux issue so he was nto the norm. I know that normal babies can average 2-3 hours per day of crying which is actually a lot. Colic babies can cry 2-3 hours or more and they tend to be at certain periods. So you may be dealing with colic like behavior. That being about 1-3 weeks Mason was like that, crying mostly at certain times of the day (which is why the ped thought colic). But then it got worse and worse. By a little over a month he was crying every waking second...literally. And he was sleeping less than 7 hours in a 24 hour period. We had a few days where he cried over 10 hours straight without stopping and no sleeping. The only exception was when he ate (as he was a comfort feeder). At that point the ped could not b__w me off anymore. But at that point I was so desperate for anyone to help him I was ready to drop him off at the hospital. It was awful. I would speak with your ped in any case as it can't hurt. It might be could be could be gas, or all of the above. It's very tough when they are new to know what is wrong and even tougher when you can't do anything to help them. :( I would at least call the ped andlet them know and keep an eye on her. If it is colic it will always be at the same times of day (mostly evenings). If it is reflux it will be worse after meals and then et worse throughout the day all day long. If it is gas it will just be after meals. Goodluck!



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