Colic How To Cope

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M.B. - October 12

My friend has a six week old girl who is suffering badly from colic. They have tried reflexology and other things, but it is not working, and my friend is slipping into depression feeling that she is somehow failing as a mother. Does anyone have any advice??? Any suggestions on how I can support her through this? If your baby has/had colic how did you cope? what methods worked for the baby? Any help would be greatly appreciated..Thank you.


Lissi - October 12

I don't know if this is helpful, but lately I've discovered that a bath often calms my baby. She's 3 weeks old and very colicy. Fortunately she loves to splash her feet in the bath and I think the warm water is soothing on her tummy. It's a pity I can't keep her in there all day. She often falls asleep afterwards, but sometimes there's nothing I can do for her. I've tried infacol, but it doesn't work that well for her. Sometimes all I can do is cuddle her and keep changing her position when she cries. I understand your friend's depression. It's very upsetting when your little one cries and you can't help them in any way.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 12

Oh goodness. My 8 week old has colic,and things are starting to get better. But at two weeks when you suddenly have an inconsolable baby who appears to be in pain and you don't know how to help them is the most dispairing feeling. You really need to kick your brain into a different mode to be calm and patient and accept that this too shall pa__s, or you will go crazy. I blamed myself too, it must have been my fault somehow I thought. But it is not a parental failure, its common. I read up a lot on colic and got info from my doc. She recommended the book "Happiest baby on the block" by Dr Harvey Karp who definitely gave me some good insight and coping tools. The shushing and "jiggling" helped very much for my son and the white noise is our saviour. Tell her to just turn on the vaccuum or a loud static on the radio and that should calm her down. It will give mom a headache but its well worth it if baby calms down. It helped me feel more in control of the situation once I figured out what methods worked on calming my baby and pretty soon I could calm him down pretty fast. Also I have a lot of family support and they step in to provide a much needed break from time to time. It does wonders for your emotional state to have a break. Sometimes my husband will keep an eye on him and I will just walk the dogs and that 15 minutes in fresh air is wonderful. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. She just needs to keep that in mind. Hope this helped! Also, colic peaks at 6 weeks and should start calming down then, and is generally gone by 12-16 weeks completely. It will get better!


karine - October 12

my son was colicy, even at the hospital. I started giving him Kolic water, or grip water as they aslo call it. it works miracles. its a clear liquid. and they sell that for about 3$ for a huge bottle


Shelly - October 12

In addition to what Rachael mommy2Lucas just said (i've used all that too)if the baby gets formula Use the Enfamil gentlease (its for ga__sy and fussy babies) do the bicycle motion with their legs,try new sleeping "environment" like a bounce chair,carseat,swing,pack andplay,crib ba__sinett,livingroom etc.Sometimes change of space helps them sleep better.


BBK ® © - October 12

Babies cry when they adjust from the inside of the womb to the outside. For us what worked were the methods described in the "happiest baby on the block", which basically shows you how to recreate the womb. Mylicon drops, and gripe water helped with gas too. We were in the same situation and your friend but for a very short time. Just tell her it's very temporary.


monica - October 12

I agree with BBK. Buy the book or dvd for "the happiest baby on the block" and gripe water did wonders for my son.


M.B. - October 18

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your replies. I have pa__sed all the information on to my friend, and I am sure it will help her a lot. Even if the techniques don't work for her daughter it will be great for my friend to know that she is not the only one struggling with a baby in pain. Thanks again.


Fabienne - October 18

A great way to help her would be to help her with the baby attend to her needs, entertain her etc- so that she can rest. My baby had colics - I know it is hard - I would have loved to get that kind of help... What helped me go through it is that I kept repeating to myself that that was temporary - and daily prayed for strength (and He gave it to me :) Matthew is now almost 4 most old and I can say it is almost over :))))


To Karine - October 18

I have been searching this" Gripe water" in pharmacies and food stores but couldn't get it..could u pls tell me where i can get it? thank u



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