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shelly - October 23

My baby has colic and I have changed her formula three times. What do you feed a colicy baby? Someone told me to try Similac Alimentum. Any suggestions?


s - October 23

gripe water would be good to give a colic baby according to a lot of people...try at your local drug store. my baby had colic and was prescribed Levsin helps. if gas is involved while your child is kicking their legs around frantically, try Mylicon gas drops. make sure that the baby burps often. try to burp every five minutes if they are a fast eater...or every oz or so...i'm not sure if it's just the to your pediatrician to be sure though. good luck, i know it is tough dealing with a baby with colic.


to - October 23

this is what i tried b/c i went through the same thing. i tried the mylicon drops and my peditrician suggested infamil nutramigen formula. it's pricey, but omg what a difference it makes!!!! good luck, i know what you're going through!


angela - October 23

i gave my daughter Mylicon drops whenever she was fussy and it work, good luck hang in there


Lisa - October 23

My baby suffered severe colic too, I don't think it's the formula though, in fact from the research I did there is no actual cure for it. I b___stfed my baby and I beleived that b___stfed baby's didn't get colic....they do! The best thing is to get the drops that the other ladies have suggested and maybe even burp her half way through feeding. She eventually grew out of it at about 2 1/2 months. I found a great source of information on the net. I feel for you


Amanda N - October 23

My daughter had colic bad too. We had to change her formula but only because she was allergic to the milk-based formulas. We switched to Isomil Advance which helped that but as far as the crying non-stop, nothing really helped. Gas drops would calm her down some, sometimes enough to get her to sleep. Honestly though what we found calmed her down when she would cry nonstop is running the vacuum or running water. Sometimes these even made her fall asleep. I wish you the best.


n - October 23



Rachael mommy2lucas - October 25

My baby has colic, acid reflux, was allergic to formula, so he is just crabby all the time basically. He is on alimentum, but that is supposedly only going to work on colic for milk or soy protein allergies. The alimentum has helped with his allergy but the colic is still there. He is getting older so it is a bit better, but definitely the vaccuum or static on the radio will instantly calm him down. A lot of holding, shushing, and 'jiggling" if you read "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Harvey Karp there are a lot of good ideas in that. Just keep trying different things to see what works for your baby and definitely ask the doc about formula, sometimes it does make all the difference in the world in some babies. That and a lot of patience. I feel your pain. Also colic is supposed to peak at 6 weeks and get better from there and is usually gone by 12-16 weeks. My son is 10 weeks, can't wait!!!


K - November 10

Try gripe water. My daughter started getting colicy at 3 weeks so we tried the Babys Bliss gripe water and let me tell you it's a miracle.



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