Colic Baby

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ambertane - May 2

What Can You Do For A Really Colic Baby??? My Baby ALWAYS Has Colic. She Crys For 4 Hours Or More. Nothing Seems To Help That We Do My Doctor Says That My Baby Has Colic. Is There Anything I Can Gave Her For This Problem??? Please HELP SOON!!!


Bonnie - May 2

There is nothing you can do really to stop colic. But is it really colic? I find way to many peds are too quick to give the colic excuse without truely making sure everything elseis okay. Colic generally starts abour 2 weeks old, peaks at about 6 weeks, and starts to disapear around 3-4 months. The heaviest crying periods are usually at certain times of the day, mainly at night. So here arem y questions......1. How old is she? 2. Does she do this all the time, all day long or only at certain times? 3. How is she when she eats? (I.E. Spitting up excessively, burping/farting a lot, sucking down tons and tons of food to comfort feed, pulling away and crying while eating, etc.)


ambertane - May 2

1. She is 4 months, 1 week old now. 2. She does this all the time at night 3. only night at same time, for 3-4 hours 4. when feeding all day she burps really good, and she only farts excessively when her crying starts at night for like a few hours, more its so sad :( what else could it be? I read in a paper the doc gave me says it should go away after three months, if it doesnt it could be a reflex disorder, last six months what is up w. that???


Bonnie - May 2

Well, I can tell you all about reflux, lol. I've had the pleasure of dealing with that one. Ugh. So you are saying that duringthe day she is fine and that this only happens at night?


hrsmith - May 2

there is a book called Happiest Baby on the Block. I can't remember the aughor, but i though it gave really helpful advie about babies who have trouble self soothing themselves. He talks about how many babies are mis dieagnosed, and that it really lies with the inability of some babies to sooth themselves. But... if it is colic have you tried warming a towel and placing it on her stomache. I did that a couple of times when my son had a tummy ache. I put the towel between his stomache and me. I held him real close and would swing him back and forth.


Marlene - May 3

You can try changing her formula to soy that helps some. Alos give her water and try gas drops but if it truly is colic you just have to wait it out...


ashtynsmom - May 3

Soy formula was the answer for my daughter. She had the same problem you are describing. She also needed more naps during the day. She was over stimulated the first couple of weeks at day care and would NOT nap- there was too much to watch, I guess. I had my sitter put her in a seperate room for naps so she did not have the distractions and she got much better at night. The formula switch worked wonders, too , though.


ambertane - May 3

Yes she is fine all day long & than at this only happens at night. Everynight. My doctor doesn't want me to switch her formula anymore she said. She's like don't switch it anymore.


Ca__sieSong - May 3

If your baby is only crying at night, then I don't think her formula is disagreeing with her. I know it does help some babies, but it is not the answer for others. I actually started my baby on soy (mistake) and switched her to milk based. If your LO is 4 months and was/is colicky, it should be diminishing. This is the time colic disappears. If it isn't gone soon, then it is not colic. By the way, no one really knows what colic is anyway. Some believe that acid reflux is the cause of all that fussiness. I know that was partly the cause with my dd. That and lack of sleep. Enough eat and sleep makes a happy baby.... usually. :-)


nic nac - May 3

ambertane I wouldn't suggest switching to soy formula. It is not a good formula for babies and should only be used if dr. says so. If you are contemplating using soy, do your research first and ask your dr.


Bonnie - May 3

I do not think formula is the issue, nor do I think it is reflux as it would not be night only. One mroe question Amber, does she do this when she goes down for sleep? What about before it is her bedtime...or is it only in bed that she starts? much sleep is she getting on average in a 24 hour period, naps and all. I'm wondering if thereis some sleep aversion going on leading to over-tiredness which can be hell.



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