Colic I M At My Wit S End

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Malica - November 21

I've been lurking (well, ok a few posts here and there) all the way through my pregnancy and now my daughter is 11 weeks old. At first I thought that I was doing something wrong -- like not feeding her enough, putting her diaper on too tight, too hot, too cold, didn't respond fast enough to her crying, etc. But now I'm pretty sure that she's just been colicky all along. She'll have a couple of good days a week, but more often than not she's screaming like mad about 15 minutes after her 4pm or after her 7pm feeding. Or like today -- after both. When she starts, she's screaming for at least 2 hours, often more. It's not gas (although after a couple of hours of wracking sobs she's given herself gas). When her little bottom lip starts to quiver or she's crying so hard she starts choking on her tears, my heart just breaks and I lose it. I've been suggesting to my husband that he should take some time off work to help us in the new year, but I'm not sure I can last. I'm close to telling him that he's got to take the time off starting NOW because I really just can't deal with this any more. Any time she makes the slightest noise I'm terrified she's going to start crying for hours. I guess the only thing we can do for colic is to ride it out, but if anyone has any suggestions on what helped them cope please let me know. I don't have any family anywhere nearby to take her for a few hours, and none of our friends are experienced enough with babies (we're the first) to ask them to look after her for a few hours.


Mrs.Ireland - November 21

Malica- My dd was very colicky and I didn't know it until we tried every formula known to man kind, we tried gripe water, we tried Colic Calm, none of it worked and she would cry so hard at night and I almost lost it. We took her a few times to her pedi and finally he diagnosed her with colic and prescribed her with a medication called B Colic, it's a prescription, but it was liquid gold we called it, it worked wonders and she was SUCH a HAPPY baby, it was wonderful. Ask your pedi about it. It was a blessing for her and us :-) Good Luck.


angela1986 - November 21

I would try the gripe water first to be honest, being a first time mom myself i prefer to use something more natural first, then if it doesnt work id go for the prescription. Ive heard many great things about the gripe water, which is also Colic calm, so i mean if your at your wits end its worth a shot right? Let us know, take care sweetie, it'll get better


rohan - November 21

i tried gripe water= it seemed to help a little. Then I didn't use it for a while till I kept getting more advise to try gripe water. Now, I use it religiously and it seems to work. It does help though it's not a miracle. I rock my lo with a lot of shh shh and that seems to calm him. I have noticed that when he has gas there are only a few positions that would work with lots of shh shh. You might want to use some other white noise.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 21

My little one was a colic baby, although it was mild and she did sleep through the night, minus her every 2 hour feedings. She was more of an evening girl, try wrapping her with her legs up towards her stomach, if she is colic, the pressure on her stomach would help. When she eats, if she is a fast eater or not, burp her in the middle of a feeding and try and get her to burp so she isn't consuming alot in one setting and the break is helping her, if you nurse...burp her before you switch sides. Ma__sage her stomach, that seems to sooth them, if she likes baths...take her baths at her worst time so she gets that comfort, but when you take her a bath do a swaddle bath (wrap her in a blanket and take out one leg wash it, the other, one arm, the other ect.) Put her in a swing, if not put her in a car seat and walk her around. Hope there is something that works for you. I know it is rough, but she is almost at the age where it will start daughter actually quit around 11 weeks I believe


slackette - November 21

I know exactly what you are going through. My LO was colic as well. I found swaddling to be a life saver. When my LO was at his worst, I would swaddle and give a pacifier and it worked wonders! I read and watched the happiest baby on the block and thats how I really learned how to calm him down. I highly recommend the DVD. Even my pediatrician used it for his daughter when she was a baby. I promise it gets easier. My lo is almost 3.5 months now and over the last few weeks he has really been WAY better. He is actually a happy baby now. Instead of screaming and crying in the evenings, he sits with DH and I and talks and laughs (I think he is trying to tell us all about the fun he had at daycare!). GL and hang in there!!!


lmk - November 22

Malica, From what I've read, colic usually goes away when babies are around 12 weeks, so you're very close! Meanwhile, have you tried using a baby sling to carry your baby around? Check out for reviews of different kinds, but babies can be soothed if you put them in a sling and walk around. I have a wrap that I've put my lo in for walking outside (much easier than a stroller) and he goes to sleep almost immediately when he's in there...especially in the tummy to tummy position. Also, what's worked for me (my lo doesn't have colic but he's very ga__sy and it really bothers him) is holding him on his side and rocking him while 'shushing'. Also, holding him facedown with his whole body support on my arm - my ped showed me this one. I do try to pick him up as soon as I hear "non sleeping" noises, because as soon as he really starts to cry, it's harder to get him to stop. GL!


mamagoose - November 22

Hi Malica- My ds was very colicky, starting at about 3 weeks, and it started to disappear when he was 16 weeks. He cried for 2-3 hours like clockwork, usually starting at 4pm. I tried everything. None of the medications like gripe water or Infacol worked. Usually the only thing was either swaddling and walking around, or putting him in his wrap/carrier and going for a walk. If it's any consolation, he's now one of the happiest, smiliest babies, and a huge flirt... so just do whatever you have to do to get through this phase, and believe in the light at the end of the tunnel!


jessie - November 23

GET A SWING! I had a very coplicky baby, cried 5+ hours every night, and he would be soothed almost immediately when in his swing. Magic. I got the Fisherprice Aquarium swing. Worth it's weight in gold.


Malica - November 25

Thanks for all the suggestions. Things have been better lately for both mom and baby -- she's been pretty good in the evenings and dh gave me the evening off and ordered me out of the house to do something frivolous and unwind. With a small house, I have hesitated to buy a swing before now, but that and gripe water are at the top of the shopping list if there's even a single night that is as bad as it was last week. I think I might also have to bite the bullet and try taking her for a drive. (the thought of taking a screaming child into a confined space and hoping to god I didn't get any red lights on my route!). Thanks for all the help -- it didn't seem like there was an end in sight, but a night off followed by several good days I think I might be refreshed enough to get through the next bout.


jen327 - November 25

Malica, my son was terribly colicy. He cried all the time. Around 7 weeks he was diagnosed with severe silent reflux. he never spit up but the acid was coming up and burning his throat causing him to scream all the time. It was not every day and the doctors kept telling us it was just colic and would go away. Finally one day we were in the dr office and he was chewing something in his mouth. The doctor asked me if he had done that before and I said yes, but it had been 2 hours since he had eaten. So he had an upper GI and turns out he has severe reflux. He is on medication now and is a blessing to be around. Took about 5 days. If the colic does not seem to go away by 12 weeks see if your daughter exhibits any of the reflux symptoms like arching back, screaming, hiccups, coughing, etc. You never know.



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