Color Change When Sleeping

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MelissaK - October 29

My DD is 7 weeks old and we notice her face is bluish, or like gray when she sleeps. She also breathes very shallow when sleeping but is a very alert active kid when awake. This is freaking me out to no end. Is this apnea?


DDT - October 29

I have no knowledge of this type of thing happening, but I would strongly advise you to talk to your ped about this asap. A blue/gray colour to the face would indicate a lack of oxygen possibly. But don't take my word on it as I'm just making a guess.


Babycakes - October 29

I agree with DDT, and i'll add something else, try to take some pictures of her face when asleep to take with you to the ped, so that just in case there needs to be an intervention, they can see what you mean when you say "color change". goodluck to you. I can't imagine how you feel...


tish212 - October 29

yes u need to get her to the dr right away...she could have a problem that causes her to get less oxygen when laying on her back and getting pictures of it is a great idea... my brother had a problem similar to this and needed his adnoids and something else in his nose removed because he couldn't get enough air threw his nose while sleeping.... gl


K - October 30

In addition to calling your doctor, you might also want to invest in an Angel Care Monitor. It has a sensor that goes under the crib mattress. If it doesn't sense motion, including the baby breathing, an alarm goes off after 20 seconds. The thing definitely works as we had several times where we forgot to turn the thing off when we took the baby out of the crib and the alarm went nuts. I'm not sure I would have slept at all if it wasn't for the security of having that monitor.


c_baer19 - October 30

K, if her baby is having breathing problems, I'm sure the doctor will prescribe an apnea monitor that her insurance will probably cover, which is really similar to the AngelCare only it serves a medical purpose.. that way she wouldn't have to spend $100!


MelissaK - October 30

I called the ped last night. The color change is like a band across her eyes, almost like a black and blue band, like little bandit mask. Not blue on her lips and such. It turns out there is an artery there that is larger in some NBs, and so it looks black and blue in times of stress, crying, or sometimes when sleeping on their backs because of thin skin and increased blood volume to the brain during sleep. They said not to fret, she'll grow out of it. My next appt. is Nov. 8 so I'll try to take some snapshots for piece of mind. Other than that, she's very alert, gaining weight, a little fussy with eating (probably reflux) and started smiling the past day or so. My DH thinks it's not a big deal. It really is a little freaky though!!! I DO NOT like it!!



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